Editorial: It Has Been a While

Editorial: It Has Been a While

Hi there,

It has been a while. I am aware that I may be addressing myself at the time of writing and publishing this (16th July 2023) but I hope it gets to the people who remember this website.

It is only appropriate for me to explain what has happened since the last post (2020):

  • I got an online writing job on a news website thanks to this blog. Didn’t pay much but it was better than nothing since the pandemic shook things up in unexpected ways. I tried to keep a balance between that website and mine but I struggled to keep up with it because of the lack of content. Let me explain in the next bullet point…
  • So, the blog underwent a lot of iterations. It started with a personal/music blog then it transitioned to a music blog and finally narrowed the genre to local Kenyan music. The benefit to that is that I was able to discover more local talent but dramatically lowered my blog reach in terms of views.
  • The other issue with covering local music is that the content was limited. Kenya’s market loves to push more singles than albums. And the albums released were far too few to make the blog have any relevance.
  • This gave me a brilliant idea to start a YouTube channel and try to review music in a different way. I think it was around this time that I forgot to renew my domain and eventually lost it to a reseller who upped the price to $300. Anyway, YouTube didn’t work out so well because it took so long to release one video and I didn’t have the right equipment for making good videos.

Fast forward to today, I have recovered the domain, I have a better PC to make videos more efficiently and I have a renewed sense of purpose with the blog.

Next Steps

The Anomaly Diary is a music blog that discusses, reviews, and ranks music from different genres across the world. Posts will be published on this blog and on YouTube as well.

I don’t have an editorial calendar at the moment but I expect it to be around 5 articles/2 videos every week. Quite a daunting task for an individual who is fully employed but I have to always remind myself why I do it: I love music.

Now that is out of the way, I will try to repost the old content over the course of the next two weeks. If not, I will just have to start fresh and build new content moving forward.

See you then.

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