INJI’s LFG EP Review

INJI’s LFG EP Review

Living in this wonderful timeline of the internet era has introduced me to so many new artists that I could never discover through vanilla mainstream media. You never know that you need to pay attention to certain artists up until you listen to their stuff. Thank goodness for TikTok then because discovering new music is much easier than before.

This is where INJI comes in. I discovered her music through her viral hit Untz Untz on TikTok and I was hooked. Wanting more, I went scouring for more on her Spotify profile and I was fortunate to find out that she had just released her debut EP ‘LFG’.

Let me give you a quick background about INJI. She is a producer born and raised in Turkey and is currently living in the USA having completed her bachelor’s degree in Finance. According to Clash Music, she makes her music in her bedroom and posts it on social media to rave receptions.

It is this commitment to her craft and the buzz surrounding her music that has brought her to this point. Having released several tracks over the course of the past 10 months, we have this 7-track EP that could be summed up as ‘the kind of pop music you would want to listen to in your 20s’. Or Gen-Z music. Whatever the kids listen to. I’m getting old.

Untz Untz Music

LFG is all about having a good time for what it is. It is the kind of music that you would listen to in clubs and dance to. I can go ahead and say that her songs actually make me feel like getting off my ass and dancing to some bass house.

Untz Untz is my favorite song on the EP but there are other good songs like Bored, Madeline, and All I Wanna Do. Simply good stuff.

INJI herself isn’t a one-trick pony though as her lyricism shines through in songs like Drop Top, The One, and Gaslight. These are the more pop-inspired tracks that see her extending her vocal range but she mixes it up with her droning vibe that introduces a nice twist to the songs.

Fun fact, Gaslight was about her ex who broke her heart and it was the first song that she put out on TikTok.

Some may consider some lines used in her tracks cheesy (Joyride in his new Mercedes, You still want me to have your babies?) but I don’t mind them.
You’re not supposed to be all serious about how you digest her music. INJI is all about ‘making music that you can scream along to’.

True to her word, listening to LFG is a good time. It is easily the easiest project I have heard this year. The replay value is good, the songs are catchy, and the vibes are great.

My only gripe with the EP is the odd inclusion of Drop Top. It is not a bad song but I feel like it should have been left out to be a standalone single. Drop Top as the first song doesn’t give you an impression of what you’re getting yourself into. You go from a Latin-inspired pop song to bass house songs Untz Untz and Bored.

Sure, The One and Gaslight are also pop-infused songs but they don’t feel out of place in this EP. It is a personal gripe that may not affect you. Probably because you listen to your albums on shuffle mode. Weirdo.


I’m glad I discovered INJI. LFG is a strong EP for a recent graduate who was making the songs from her bedroom. A convincing start for a potentially long career. Looking forward to what she has to offer in the future.

It is 19 minutes worth of your time.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Listen to the EP here:

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