Chloe X Halle ‘Ungodly Hour’ Album Review: Simply Amazing

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Let me be completely honest with you guys from the beginning: I never knew of Chloe and Halle up until I heard their single Do It. They certainly aren’t new to the entertainment industry and I somehow did not know of them.

You can’t blame me for not knowing them as all I do is simply review music. What matters to me is the quality of the music released and not to know every artists’ background info. You might be very popular with people but all I want to know is if the music is good or not. In Chloe and Halle’s defence, it is damn good.

Some Background Info

This doesn’t mean I didn’t do my research on the girls. A quick glance of their Wikipedia page shows that the sisters started their music careers by doing covers of pop songs from the likes of Beyoncé, Drake, and Justin Bieber. Beyoncé soon caught wind of their cover songs and signed them to her management company.

Ungodly Hour is album #2 for the sisters and it has gained a lot of traction since it dropped. I am yet to listen to their debut work but I see it earned them a couple of Grammy nominations. That means it’s good yes?

The focus here is on their latest project that has 13 tracks which span 37 minutes or so. I dived into it having Do it as my only point of reference. Chloe and Halle are fortunate that YouTube recommended that song to me or else it would’ve slipped under my radar.


Simply Amazing

Ungodly Hour is probably the best R&B album I have heard since Roses Gabor’s effort with Fantasy and Facts. That was one year ago. I have had my fair share of complaints of how R&B is treated nowadays with more emphasis on explicit lyrics and stuff.

I get it, people like it when the lyrics have some steam to it but that isn’t always the case.

The sisters don’t follow this trend but do it their own way; the best way they could deliver as artists. Right from the beginning, you are sucked into the album with that intro that quickly transitions to Forgive Me, a song about leaving a guy who wasted the girl’s time.

Complex Yet Relatable

What I love about this album is that it is so easy to connect with these songs during your first listen. It’s not like some albums I’ve reviewed that have forced me to listen to them more than four times so that I could get what they were all about. With Ungodly Hour, however, you’ll know whether you like the song or not as soon as the first verse is done.

My personal favourites were Ungodly Hour (lol), Do it, and Don’t Make it Harder on Me. Special mentions go to Wonder What She Thinks of Me, Lonely, ROYL, and Busy Boy.

The themes covered in this album are quite complex in nature too. Using Don’t Make It Harder on Me as an example, they talk about how a guy is wooing them over when they are still in another committed relationship. The guy is just too good with his moves that the girl actually considers leaving her current relationship.

This is quite relatable to someone like me who has ever been wowed by a lady when I was in an active relationship. Not that there was anything wrong in the relationship, it just happened. And I know how it feels to think about doing something stupid.

And how relatable is the song Ungodly Hour to many people? Such complex yet relatable themes are what makes the album quite an experience.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this album is the fact that it was made by two ladies in their early twenties. They keep it classy and entertaining and I am all for it.

The pacing of this album is decent although it tends to fall off just a bit with songs like Baby Girl and Tipsy being the okay tracks of the album. That being said, they are not bad. They are solid 7s in an album full of 8s and 9s.

(Please note that this is just my opinion. Some of you may love these songs and I am okay with that.)


Chloe and Halle did say that when they sent this album to Beyoncé for comments, she did not make any notes about it saying that it was perfect. I, myself, wouldn’t call it perfect but it is damn good. With the relatable themes, good pacing, and of course, awesome performances, Ungodly Hour is their best work to date.

Chloe x Halle 'Ungodly Hour'





  • Several stand-out tracks
  • Great Replay Value
  • Amazing performances by the sisters


  • Some okay tracks in the otherwise amazing album

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