Top 40 Songs Kenya – 24th June 2020

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Welcome back to another look at the Top 40 in Kenya right now. The month of June has seen some major album releases from Kenya artists. We had Otile Brown with his okay debut album “Just In Love”, Sauti Sol’s amazing “Midnight Train” and Ethic’s Bad Man Bado Odinare. I, however, cannot speak about the latter because it was released via an app which costs Ksh 300.
I’ll make my comments about Ethic Entertainment later on but let us focus on the Top 40 songs which mainly consist of songs from Sauti Sol and Otile Brown.


Benzema ft Noti Flow – Foto Moto: this song is about the two artists having sex and taking NSFW photos while they’re at it. That’s it. It almost feels like a blatant ripoff of Utawezana, a song that I don’t like. The beats are nice but I honestly feel that they were wasted here. 6/10


Sauti Sol – Feel My Love: One of Midnight Train’s love songs and it delivers the message right at home. Chimano steals the show with his assuring voice. So much so that it will be used by every romantic man in Nairobi. Lol. 8/10


Nadia Mukami ft Marioo – Jipe: 7/10


Femi One ft Mejja – Utawezana: 5/10


Sailors – Dunda: 5/10


Ethic Entertainment – Quarantei: Ha ha. They tried to be punny. You know, they’re talking about drinking alcohol during this quarantine season. It’s clever but the song is just fine. Just like their other songs. 6/10


Zuchu – Wana: 6/10


Mbosso – Tamba: 6/10


Sauti Sol ft Bensoul, Xenia, Nviiri, Okello Max & NHP – Rhumba Japani: I like this blend of rhumba beats, 808s, and trap elements. It might be one of the only club hits I genuinely like because of the creativity. See, Gengetone artists? If you’re going to entertain me, don’t be so bland about it. 8/10


Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti – Hao: I did a single review about this song so do yourself a favour and read it.


Rayvanny – Ex Boyfriend: 8/10


Mbosso – Haijakaa Sawa: 6/10


Joeboy – Baby: Guys, it is 2020. Let this song die. Please. 6/10


Alikiba – Dodo: 6/10


Alikiba – So Hot: A better song than Dodo. I’m aware that there is nothing new with this song given that he recycles the same Afropop beats and a tropical beat drop. It’s nothing new but the delivery is on point. I like it and you’re not going to change my mind. 7.5/10


Breeder LW ft Khaligraph Jones – Ni Kubaya: This is one collaboration I knew was in the works since Breeder was featured in Khali Cartel 3. As far as bars go, this song has them in abundance. The beats are however disappointing as I expected the 808s to have more punch in them. It sounds muted on my JBL headphones. It gets worse when you listen to the Boomplay version. Please listen to this song on Apple Music or YouTube. Avoid Boomplay at all costs. 8/10


Rayvanny – Naogopa: 6/10


Bahati – Wanani: So, is Bahati a secular artist now? Yeah, the song is nice and all but let us not be distracted from the real issue. Is Bahati a secular artist? Also, he needs to slap whoever told him dying his hair red was a good idea. 7/10


Rayvanny – I love you: 6/10


Darassa ft Sho Madjozi – 8/10


Sauti Sol – Midnight Train: This song falls in the “life inspiration” tracks as it talks about the ups and downs of life itself. It is simple, relatable, and well done. Nothing more to add really. We all need some motivation during these tough times. 8/10


Sauti Sol – Suzanna – 9/10


Otile Brown – Umedamshi: I appreciate what Otile Brown was trying to do with this reggae-infused track but it ended up being a drag. If I had a vodka shot for every time he said “Mtoto umedamshi”, I would be super drunk right now. A state I’d rather be in right now. 6/10


Rayvanny feat Messias Maricoa – Teamo: 6/10


Ethic Entertainment – Staga Nikimedi: I have a love-hate relationship with this song. Why? Because it serves as a promotional single for their debut album Big Man Bado Odinare. What you should know is that this okay song is not featured in the 7-track album. It gets worse when you realize that you have to buy an app on the Play Store if you want to listen to it. I made a whole rant video about it and I’m not going to buy it. Sorry. 6/10


Simi – Duduke: What’s this? Another Nigerian song that I don’t care about? Skip!! 6/10


Diamond Platnumz ft Rayvanny, Mbosso, Lavalava, Queen Darleen & Zuchu – Quarantine: When success is all around you, it sometimes makes people do some questionable stuff. A good example is this song. Diamond knows that he didn’t have to make this song. It doesn’t do much other than put over his signees at WCB. I actually find it ironic that this song heavily borrows from DJ Mustard’s type of production despite all of these artists being Tanzanian. You know, because they don’t have the best command of the English language. Anyway, it is a bad song. 3/10


Sauti Sol – Insecure: The title of the track speaks for itself. I love this song solely for its production. It just shows you how great Kenyan music can be and stand out from the crowd of mediocrity. 8/10


Nandy ft Harmonize – Acha Lizame: Similar to Aki Kiba’s So Hot, this song recycles a lot of elements from previous songs but I like it. I like the chemistry between Nandy and Harmonize. No complaints from me. 8/10


Otile Brown – Pretty Gal: I don’t like this song. This song didn’t deserve to make the final cut. It actually bothers me to see it so high up in the charts but people like bad songs. Sooo…yeah. 5/10



Otile Brown – Kosea: Gbona copycat. Gbona copycat. GBONA COPYCAT!!!!! 6/10



Otile Brown feat Khaligraph Jones – Hit and Run: I initially didn’t like this song at first but it has grown on me a little bit. Just a little. I still feel that Otile Brown was way out of his comfort zone. At least Khaligraph Jones nailed his verse. 6/10



Otile Brown feat Kidum – Leila: My second favourite song out of his ten-track album. Is it just me or is Kidum arguably one of the most underrated artists in East Africa? 8/10



Otile Brown – Zaidi Yako: It’s fine. Nothing for me to say about this really. 6/10



Otile Brown ft Mejja – Watoto na Pombe: Onto my favourite song of the album. I only like this club hit because of Mejja. He makes the song 10 times better. That’s all. Everything else about Otile and the beats remains pretty much the same. 8.5/10



Otile Brown – Dede: I will not forgive Otile for using the line “Come cure my erection” and thought that it would be clever. It is not. You’re actually implying that having an erection is a disease when it is actually a natural body function. Sigh. 6/10



Otile Brown ft Meddy – Dusuma: I believe this song is high up because he released its music video recently. Nevertheless, it’s fine. Nothing much to it. 6/10.



Otile Brown ft Juma Jux – Regina: I honestly don’t know why people love this song so much. It certainly isn’t better than Leila or Watoto na Pombe so why is it number one. It is just okay to me. 6/10

That has been the charts for the month of June. You can scroll through the blog for Kenyan album and single reviews. It is also worth checking out my brand new YouTube channel that is supposed to complement whatever crap I have to say here. It’s fun. Go check it out.

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