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I might be one of the few people in Kenya who doesn’t like Khaligraph Jones’ recent run of filler hits. This has been happening since he released his wonderful Testimony 1990 album in 2018 and I’m not happy about it. Yes Bana was quite mediocre and didn’t have a lasting impression and now we have Hao, a song that does address the current state of cyberbullying on social media. But that’s as far as it goes for the song.

Let me explain.

Defining Filler Music

For those who might think I’m wrong about calling Papa Jones’ music filler, let me give you the definition of filler music.

The simple definition of filler music is those songs you skip every time. It’s not bad but it’s not that good either. These songs are done by artists without any real dedication or inspiration just to meet a deadline for an album’s release, or to quickly capitalize on a hit. The latter is true for Khaligraph Jones’ new song Hao.

Hao is a song that addresses the kind of backlash Kenyan celebrities get from Kenyans when their efforts start gaining recognition. Azziad is one lady who got bullied for no good reason after her Utawezana challenge went viral. What about Mulamwah who almost quit comedy altogether because of the mean comments?

The song tries to show how insensitive people can be on social media all in the name of clout. Or kiki. Whatever floats your boat. I like the approach Khaligraph took but it is not a good song. I’m sure he knows it too.

Look at the marketing used to promote the song prior to the release. He used a clip of the music video where he refers to Bahati being called Mtoto wa Diana. People genuinely thought that Khaligraph Jones was dissing the gospel artiste who has been losing his marbles on Twitter.

Were it not for that marketing, the song wouldn’t fare well. It’s a smart financial move. The song has earned more than 1 million views on YouTube as I was writing this down.

But I’m not here to talk about smart marketing moves.

It’s All About Replay Value

We all know that Khaligraph Jones is a good rapper. Nobody can question his talent and influence in the Kenyan industry. He’s good. What I don’t like is the filler music he’s making.

Yes, he will rap some sense into us and yes, he will show us why he is the best rapper in Nigeria but I haven’t been interested in adding his latest music to my library. All I do is listen to it on YouTube a couple of times and forget about it afterwards. The last good song I added from his catalogue was Me Siogopi.

Now, I won’t stop the OG from making his money by all means possible or by simply capitalizing on a trend. Let him do so all he wants but that will come at the expense of quality. It’s that weird situation of quick money now, go broke later.

Hao will lose relevance in the next one month or so but he would’ve recorded another song by then. And I’ll be back here to tell you how I hate filler music. It’s a vicious cycle.


I don’t like filler music.

Khaligraph Jones feat Masauti - Hao





  • It addresses the current state of cyberbullying in Kenya


  • Filler music.

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