Nyashinki’s Lucky You Album Review: Overrated Artist


For a very long time, a part of my brain has always accepted that Nyashinski is one of Kenya’s top artists. You know, the likes of MDQ, Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sol. That remained true until I heard his first single from his latest album, Glory. It was underwhelming for a guy of his status.

Little did I know that it was a glimpse of what to expect from his solo album, Lucky You.

Before I tear into this album, I wish to state that I am not calling Nyashinski trash, bad or whatever negative comments you can think of. He is a good rapper and can make good songs. This is me saying how disappointed I am after listening to this album.


So, Lucky You is a 12-track album which lasts about 34 minutes. This is your typical dose of urban rap music with the typical bragging, love songs, and introspection stuff. Not a good introduction, if you were to ask me.

My biggest problem with this album is that it is not as enjoyable as I thought it would be. Nyashinski spends way too much time reminding us how he “saved the music industry” when he came back into the scene instead of making good music. If I had a dollar for every time he kept referencing his comeback…

Remember, I consider Nyashinski as a top artist and this is the best he has to offer.

To give you an idea of how underwhelming it is, I only liked 2 songs. Just two.

Flowers is a nice song that most fans will familiarize themselves with. It’s more of classic Nyashinski. Wach Wach is another great track that shows how great he is with his rhymes and flow and all that is accompanied by some nice trap beats.

What about the other 10 songs? They are either meh, heard-this-before, or simply trash. 70% of those tracks see him flexing his muscles reminding us how he is the GOAT. So much so that there is a track titled GOAT. I mean…

There is a tweet I read while drafting this article that said that Nyashinski sleeps while telling himself that he is best and I agree. The problem is that no one really cares. We live in a time when nobody really cares about that GOAT stuff. Are you going to give us good music or not?

This is especially true with Kenyans. These are the guys who gave Gengetone the chance to blow up even if it is hot garbage. They’ll find a way to enjoy it. How does Nyashinski expect Kenyans to enjoy his new music when all he does is remind us that he is the greatest of all time.


There is one group to blame for all this: His fanbase.

Toxic Fanbase

I might be wrong about this but Nyashinki is an overrated artist thanks to his fans. Yes, he came back at a time when the Kenyan industry had lost its bearing. And yes, he has made some great songs over the years. But this album doesn’t show any of that.

Some of you might argue that this album was for his fans but who in their right mind would want to listen to it more than once? I was bored out of my mind by the time the last song ended.

If I were to compare it to other local artists I’ve reviewed over the past year or so, he would be dead last. That spot was reserved for Redsan with his joke of an album.

You can go and check my other reviews and you’ll note that I praise local artists for their creativity. There is none here and I’m genuinely disappointed.

Let’s all remember that this is an album review. What matters here is the music and not who the individual is. As a music fan, I’m disappointed.


Underwhelming is the best term to describe Lucky You. I expected more from Nyashinski but he might just be an overrated Drake.

Lucky You





  • He still has the rhymes and flow
  • Some songs do stand out


  • Spends too much time beating his chest
  • No replay value
  • Underwhelming

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