Sauti Sol ‘Suzanna’ Single Review


To be honest, there is no need for me to talk about the new single, Suzanna, by Sauti Sol because I just love it. I knew it would be good before I listened to it and my expectations were fully satisfied when I did. So, it is a great song but it signifies a new chapter for Kenya’s boyband; one that I’m excited for.

Suzanna is Great

Let’s start with the reasons why I love this song; it sounds and feels natural. The guitar riffs take you back to the good old days of The Mushrooms. That’s the kind of music I grew up listening to because of my mom. That nostalgic feeling got me from the beginning and everything else just clicked from there.

I do love the music video that accompanies the song. The 70-80s theme justifies my point about tracing their sampling roots to the good old days. Most importantly, they represent the best of Kenyan music has to offer to the world.

Simply put, Sauti Sol is on a league of its own. The boys have set the bar so high that they are pushing new territory with their new upcoming album, Midnight Train. This will be their first studio album under Universal Music Group after they signed a deal two weeks ago.

A New Chapter

After releasing their wonderful album, Afrikan Sauce, one year ago, this new one represents a new chapter in Sauti Sol’s career. They have been doing it for so long and are still one step ahead than most local artists can dream of today. My personal favourite achievement of theirs was to create their own label and signing promising acts for the future. That’s what Kenyan music needs right now.

Signing to a big record company means two things: Sauti Sol is going global and that the stakes are higher than ever before. The boy band has already conquered the local scene, dominated the African scene and what’s left is for them is to take on the global platform.

I’m very confident Universal Music will help them achieve this goal but I can’t help but be worried should this new project go sideways. This fear would be elevated to newer heights if Gengetone artists would be the ones to push their music globally. Well, Ethic Entertainment are signed to Universal and their efforts since their signing has been bittersweet.

I digress.


Suzanna is the beginning of a new chapter for Sauti Sol. Quality music production, awesome music video, and a great build-up to their new album.





  • Great production
  • That 70s nostalgia
  • Its a vibe

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