Iggy Azalea – Wicked Lips: EP Review

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea should have had an awesome 2019. One, her sophomore album finally dropped after years of waiting. The singles she released were solid enough to seal her comeback in the music industry. But music critics panned her album (I loved it btw) and the album didn’t do well commercially. So, she went back to the drawing board and cooked up some more music for us and thus we have Wicked Lips; a four-track EP.

Let me just recap In My Defense review for a minute or so before getting to the EP. I did mention that she sounded more of Megan Thee Stallion than Nicki Minaj. What I meant was that her focus was more on the rap side than on the pop side of music which was great.

One thing I do appreciate is that Iggy is being herself in this album. No filter, no forced themes; just her and the music she likes to make. To be honest, I’d prefer her reminding us that we are not in her tax bracket than her talk about her feelings.

Me, In My Defense Album Review

Bonus tracks?

Two tracks would have fitted as bonus tracks for the deluxe version of In My Defense: Personal Problem and Not Important. She sticks to bragging and addressing all the negative vibe she has to put up with. Nothing too special about those songs but they are decent.

Then we have Lola which is such a vibe. It’s just so good. If Iggy was looking for a song that would replicate the same success Fancy had Lola is the song that would’ve done it. Yes, I know she sampled some songs but who cares about that anyway? Point is that you should be dancing to the song. It’s definitely my favourite song of the EP.

Finally, we have The Girls. Uhm, yeah. I have no issue with women talking about their issues with feminism and female empowerment. It’s just that when it comes to music, it doesn’t really appeal to men does it? It’s not like I was the target audience for the song in the first place.

It’s Decent

What’s interesting about this EP is that she decided to be diverse with her content in just 4 tracks when she stuck with one theme in her album. It does hurt the consistency of the project but not by much.

All in all, it’s another good release from Iggy. Let’s hope critics won’t be on her case again.


Wicked Lips is another good release from Iggy Azalea following the release of her second studio album. It’s brief but quite enjoyable. 7.5/10

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