Davido – A Good Time: Album Review


Say what you want about Davido but he is one of the pioneers who have globalized African music. Kenyans don’t even get close to his contributions. Signing to labels like RCA records doesn’t necessarily mean that you are making headlines. It’s all about the hype the artists has and the music offered to us. That’s what his second studio album, A Good Time, is all about; hype and good music. It really is a good time when you listen to the album.

Took Too Long?

It’s shocking how long it took to get this album ready. The first two singles, Fall and If, were released way back in 2017. Not to mention how successful they were so it would only make sense to release the album during that time so as to keep the hype going. We didn’t get that, did we?

Instead, the album got released two years later. Fortunately for Davido, he had other singles that have brought back the hype once again in the form of Blow My Mind and Risky. Both songs feature big artists (Chris Brown and Popcaan). Such collabos back here in Kenya make it seem like Davido is a big deal but you can’t deny that he’s doing big things for his career.

It is Good But…

The main focus of this album is whether he has big names on his tracklist (because he does), it’s a matter of how good the album is. And it is a good album. Sure, I have my minor annoyances but they don’t ruin the overall experience. Since I have brought it up, why don’t I just talk about them?

I don’t like how the whole album just serves as African Urban Music. It’s just Davido talking about rich he is, how he’s interested in some girl, or how he’s mesmerized by how a girl is dancing. Nothing that I haven’t heard before.

Not that the songs themselves are bad. As a matter of fact, they are well packaged with some amazing Afrobeats and the features make the experience even richer. My only wish is that there isn’t much depth to what he can do as an artist. Don’t you start telling me about how he can sing; We all know that he can’t sing.

Another gripe is the album-length. It has 17 tracks spanning one hour and one minute. If you’re going to have such a long album, you might consider having some diversity to your songs.

Still Enjoyable

As mentioned earlier, the production and the features are great. The beats are so good in this album that I wouldn’t mind him releasing the deluxe version of A Good Time with the added tracks being the instrumentals. I would definitely like that.

My favourite song of the album is Big Picture. Again, nothing new is presented in terms of what is being talked about. It is how good the song come together. Gunna and A Boogie with a Hoodie were the key highlights of the song as they killed their verses. I didn’t expect them to do well in an Afropop song but I was wrong. Who knew I could actually enjoy Gunna?

Other noteworthy tracks include Check Am, D&G, and 1 Milli. The rest is just okay. The album does end in a weird note with the song Animashaun. Yonda shouldn’t be allowed to sing, That’s just my opinion, don’t take it personally.


Personal issues aside, this is the most consistent work Davido has released to date. It’s weird saying that given that he has only released two studio albums alone. Anyway..

A Good Time is another album that puts African music on the map. Just like Burna Boy, Davido is pushing the genre forward and his efforts can’t go unappreciated. 7.5/10

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