Top 40 Songs Kenya – 19th November 2019

Top 40 Songs Kenya 19th November

Welcome back to the segment that reviews the top most popular songs in Kenya right now; This is the Top 40 Songs Kenya – 19th November 2019.

News flash! I’ll be doing this segment every month. This is to give the chart time to have new songs to review. It’s actually the smart thing to do at the moment because this edition has a lot of stuff in store for you.

The rules are still the same as last time. I review the top 40 songs in Kenya and give my score. If I reviewed the song in a previous article, I just give the score; you will have to go back to the older posts to see what I thought about the song. Let’s do this.

#40 Ethic Entertainment featuring Boondocks Gang – Thao: What do we have here? The top Gengetone bands doing a collaboration together? Isn’t that sweet? Too bad it is mediocre. Here’s how I see it. Ethic bring whatever they do best on the table (mediocre) while Boondocks Gang does the same. What do you get as a result? A mediocre song. I’m not surprised to see the Beyonces of the two groups starting off the song (SWAT & ExRay) while Zilla and Maddox are dumped to the end. Because no one ever listens to the end of the song do they? It has been around for some time now and I still find it to be mediocre. Sorry. 5/10

#39 Beyonce, SAINt JHN & Wizkid feat Blue Ivy Carter – BROWN SKIN GIRL: 8/10

#38 Tones and I – Dance Monkey: I have seen this song everywhere on Apple Music. It is on every playlist now and I didn’t get the hype of it. That is until I saw that it has topped the charts in more than 21 countries so it’s not so surprising to see it here. The song itself is quite catchy but that’s pretty much it really. Nothing too exciting about it. But given that it is a song by a 19-year-old Aussie, it’s not bad at all. 8/10

#37 Chris Kaiga feat Tezzla – Zimenice: 7/10

#36 Arizona Zervas – ROXANNE: This is your typical contemporary urban song that talks about a modern-day woman. Because why not. The song itself is not bad; it’s just okay. Nothing that I haven’t heard before. Kids might like this song. It could explain why it is so high up in the charts. 6/10

#35 Summer Walker – Playing Games: Just do yourself a favour and read the full album review. Next. 7.5/10

#34 Lil Baby – Woah: There is nothing spectacular about this song. Let me rephrase that. There is nothing I haven’t heard before from this song. You have your trap beats, your typical bragging, and the complimentary trap style of rapping. Again, it is not bad but it doesn’t offer anything new to the table. It’s the same issue I have with Gengetone music right now. They talk about the same thing in all their songs. 6/10

#33 Burna Boy – Wetin Man Go Do: 8.8/10

#32 Joeboy – All For You: I’ll be honest about one thing, I do not care for Nigerian music as much. It has to do with the fact that its music serves a specific audience. There are exceptions with people like Burna Boy who make great music. But for people like Joeboy, he is just the typical Nigerian acts I’ve come to know. First of all, he has an EP called Love and Light which I did not care for at all. As punishment, I am being forced to listen to its songs which are featured here. We begin with All For You which is just okay. Sounds like Baby and that other song he did. I don’t know. 6/10

#31 Dababy – BOP: 7/10

#30 Burna Boy – Pull Up: 7/10

#29 Burna Boy – Collateral Damage: 7.5/10

#28 Selena Gomez – Lose To Love Me: This decent song somehow made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. To be fair, I’m not the biggest Selena Gomez fan but this ballad is okay to me. While I tend to feel like that chorus was meant to make it catchy and relatable, it still does the job. 7.5/10

#27 Ethic Entertainment – Tarimbo: So, you can’t enjoy this song on YouTube because Ezekiel Mutua pleaded with Google to take it down. The lyrics that suggested rape culture poses an exposure risk to children. Adults can, however, enjoy the song on Apple Music. Yeah, don’t waste your time listening to audio porn. You will be more satisfied if you watched the real thing. 4/10

#26 Rema – Dumebi: 6/10

#25 Dave feat Burna Boy – Location: 6/10

#24 Wizkid – Ghetto Love: 7/10

#23 Tory Lanez feat Chris Brown – The Take: The song starts off well sampling Chris Brown’s Take You Down. If you remember that old song. For those who can’t, it was a bedroom song which was made sure it was PG enough. This song is the exact opposite. The lyrics are so raunchy that I didn’t finish listening to it. Nope. Such kind of songs are meant for certain types of mood and I really wasn’t in the bedroom mode. Yikes. 5/10

#22 Summer Walker – Come Thru: 7/10

#21 Reekado Banks – Rora: 7.5/10

#20 Chris Brown feat Drake – No Guidance: 8/10

#19 Jhene Aiko – None of Your Concern: So, Jhene and Big Sean are making music again. Does this mean they are back together? No. The song makes it very clear that they are through. Then again, rumours are suggesting that they are back together. I’m so confused. Anyway, the song itself is fine. I like Jhene’s performance in this song. She is such a good singer and makes this whole song so emotional. That is true until we get to Big Sean’s verse. Ugh. 8/10

#18 Tory Lanez & T-Pain – Jerry Sprunger: At least I can listen to this song. However, that doesn’t mean that song is great. It’s just fine. Also, I’ve never liked Tory Lanez that much; he’s just an okay artist to me. 6/10

#17 Octopizzo feat Sailors – Wakiritho: I will admit that the beats of this song have been stuck on my head for the past couple of days. But as I pointed out in another article, Miracle Baby is the only downside to this song. Why would you say you would impregnate a woman only to deny being the father? Can someone tell me why we are allowing him to get away with such words? 7.5/10

#16 Burna Boy – Gbona: 9/10

#15 Davido & Chris Brown – Blow My Mind: 7/10

#14 Maroon 5 – Memories: 6/10

#13 Nviiri The Storyteller – Overdose: 8.5/10

#12 Billie Eilish – everything i wanted: Talk about a dark song. There are two layers to this song. If you are a casual listener, you’ll find it as a good pop song. For her true fans, they know she is talking about having a dream about committing suicide. It’s the kind of dark music I have come to get used to and it proves why she is such a big pop star as she is. 9/10

#11 Darkoo & One Acen – Gangsta: No. Just…no. I’m not into UK music as much. 6/10

#10 Joeboy & Mayorkun – Don’t Call Me Back: Guess who doesn’t care about this song? Me. It’s me. 6/10

#9 Burna Boy feat Jorja Smith – Gum Body: 9.2/10

#8 Joeboy – Beginning: 7/10

#7 Burna Boy – On The Low: 8.5/10

#6 Travis Scott – HIGHEST IN THE ROOM: 6/10

#5 Jorja Smith feat Burna Boy – Be Honest: 9.2/10

#4 Davido feat Popcaan – Risky: What happens when you fuse Afropop music with Dancehall music? An icky song. I do appreciate Davido collaborating with big stars but can he please make good music? 5/10

#3 Joeboy – Baby: 6/10

#2 Burna Boy – Anybody: 8/10

#1 Wizkid – Joro: 7.4/10

You know what? I’m triggered. Where the hell is Elani? They should be topping the charts given that their album has been out for a month now? This is what I feared in my review, that their new album will go underappreciated. Anyway, let’s see how the chart will look like at the end of the year. 2019 is officially coming to an end. I’m compiling the Top 50 songs of the year on the IG page so make sure to follow us there. See ya.

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