Bey T – Concept Vol 1 Mixtape Review: A Blossoming Flower

Bey T Concept Vol 1

There is no denying that Bey T has had a great 2019. Her music has been making headlines for some time and her verse on Khali Cartel 3 was just sick. She has now released her debut project Concept Vol 1 and it really is a concept of what she can do. She is good but she can be better.


Concept Vol 1 is the debut project by Kenyan/Eritrean/Ethiopian rapper Bey T. It’s a 14-track mixtape (12 if you ignore the intro and outro) and lasts about 42 minutes or so. Music streaming nerds like me are happy to report that it is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Before I proceed, we have to understand that she is 20 years old. I’m not going to compare her to other artists or try to bash her for not trying some things. It’s her first project; things will definitely get better from here moving forward. She did mention she did spend a lot of time making this mixtape on her Instagram page so let’s see what we got here.


Let me begin with the mixtape production which is a mixed bag. Bey T is a great rapper. I won’t waste my time debating about whether she has bars or not. What I don’t like is how the beats and overall production make her feel less of a big deal than she actually is.

Let me put it this way. Let’s say you have the flashy new iPhone and you’re trying to show it off in an environment where people own budget phones. If you’re not careful, that flashy new phone may end up getting stolen and you’ll be forced to stick to the budget phone so as to fit in.

That is what’s happening here with the production. She is rapping so well but the beats are just so meh that it makes the whole experience meh. Again, she is great but after you finish listening to the mixtape, you’ll feel like she deserved better with the beats offered here.

Great lyricism, poor song production

To be fair, some songs do sound great. I thought Jaded had some good beats and PRXNCE’s feature was the cherry on top. So much so that Bey T was overshadowed in this song. Thankfully, that’s the only time it happens.

Ayayai also had some nice beats to it. Unfortunately, those are just two songs out of the 14 that I actually liked. They are also the only ones that got the highest score of 8. What about the rest? Well, it depends.

One thing that remained constant is her rapping. Bey T deserves all the praise she can get for spitting some serious rhymes. I can forgive her for saying how she is ‘getting the bag’ a million times but that’s the same thing I had with Papa Jones when he kept mentioning his Range Rover.

What makes the rapping sound so mediocre are the beats. They range from whack to not that convincing. For starters, I loved the collab between Bey T and Lioness but the rap beats aren’t that good to justify their lyrical prowess. Then we have songs like Wololo which I don’t like. It’s the worst song in the mixtape.

So, what can I conclude in the end? All I can see and hear is the potential within her. It’s yet to be fully realized but we got a glimpse of Kenya’s future star. Consider Bey T like a flower. A beautiful flower like a rose. We can clearly see that she is a rose but she is yet to blossom.

As I said, things will definitely get better from here. Her music career has just begun. All we can do is wait to see what she’ll do next.


Concept Vol 1 is just a concept of what Bey T can do as a rapper. It has its rough edges but if she can iron them out she can lead the new wave of Kenyan music. 7/10

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