Doja Cat – Hot Pink Album Review: She’s Here To Stay

Doja Cat Hot Pink

Doja Cat has had a successful run since last year with her viral hit Moo. The song made her popular and made her label release the deluxe version of her debut album Amala. The album itself was great and I loved how she never takes herself seriously in her music. Hot Pink is out and the same can be said here. Only this time, she is willing to expound more on what she started.


As mentioned earlier, this is her second studio album released by Kemosabe/RCA Records. This time, there are only 12 tracks and she is more sexual than ever. If you thought she was trying too hard in Amala, you are yet to hear what she has in store for you in Hot Pink.

Not that it is a bad thing. Remember, she never takes herself too seriously so you just take it for what it is.


One thing that is for certain is that the album production is amazing. Doja Cat did an amazing job with the production alongside Tyson Trax and Yeti Beats. Even if I was to ignore her raunchy lyrics in some songs, I would always come back for the beats. It’s your typical taste of contemporary urban music but it is the good kind.

What about the tracks themselves? I will say that the whole album is quite enjoyable. It will be a fun 40 minutes of listening but how fun depends on the kind of music you’re into.

Personally, I preferred the second half of the album than the first. The first half is good btw, just personal preference. Well, if you like her talking about sex and her kitty. Sure. Cool. I genuinely lost count of how many times she said pussy in the song Rules.

Cyber Sex is a decent song about getting freaky on camera. Because that’s her thing. I did like Bottom Chick which samples blink-182. The song gave me some good old Amala vibes.

We then move on to Say So which is the best song of the whole album. Period. You would be mad if you don’t like this song. This song is a rare glimpse of Doja Cat dropping her silliness and pulling off one serious performance. Her vocals are clean, the retro beats are great, and it is just a vibe. It is that good.

Her collaboration with Gucci Mane was okay. Just okay. Talk Dirty is another favorite track of mine. She is her silly self in the song and I just love her like that. Things slow down with the next two tracks, Streets and Shine, which are decent RnB songs.

The album closes with Better Than Me and Juicy. What you need to know is that Juicy was also on Amala but this one has Tyga in it. It’s no surprise to see it here given how popular it is.

And there you have it. I’m happy she has been one of the artists who have stood out this year. Hot Pink is just Doja Cat being Doja Cat and who doesn’t want that?


Hot Pink is another good album by Doja Cat. I may have preferred the second half of the album to the first but it is a great listen in general. 8/10

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