New Kenyan Music Roundup: P Unit, Jegede, and VDJ Jones

P Unit

Sorry for the wait. Things have been busy on my end. Anyway, there is a lot to cover in this article. What is up with this week and new releases? Coming up, P Unit reunites with a brand new song, Jegede featuring Kenyan All-Stars, and VDJ Jones featuring his own stars.

Welcome to the weekly segment that looks at the latest music releases in Kenya. We look at what’s hot and what’s not in the country.

VDJ Jones feat Jua Cali, Bussa J, Seska Ethic, City Boy, Psycho, Vuva, Dulla, and Obina – Inachuna

Oh my God. Look at that lineup. Just look at it. Who on earth thought that this was a good idea to have so many artists in one song? Do they need me to explain it? Okay.

One, it gets stale real fast. I only listened keenly to Jua Cali’s part because you have to respect the OG. After that, I was just confused by who’s who. The music video made it easier for me by highlighting each artist but that didn’t make it a better song. It goes on for too long. I don’t even think people will be able to continue past Jua Cali’s verse.

Second, having diverse artists in one song can hurt the overall quality. You have Gengetone artists, a Genge artist, and some contemporary urban artists. Problem is that they will stick to their usual delivery so the song ends up feeling uneven.

Third, Anto NeoSoul straight-up lies at the beginning of the video. This is not a good song. It’s far from it. Sorry. 5/10

Petra feat Joh Makozi – Pepea

This song is decent but it is let down by one person: Petra. It might just be me but I don’t get what Petra was trying to do with the song. Sure, she claims that she is on her own level while others just stare. I am one of the people who are staring at her with visible confusion.

After a decent verse by Joh, Petra does the chorus in Swahili then switches it up to an American accent in her verse, and finally ends it with a Dancehall accent. All I’m asking is why? She can definitely rap but was it necessary to mix and match things up like that? Oh, and the song ends prematurely. We just get one verse from her.

To be fair, the song is not bad. I’m actually having second thoughts about it. Then again, I can’t shake off the feeling that she was trying too hard. I don’t know. 6/10

Shawboye feat Arrif and Sudi Boy – Nakupenda

Ugh. I don’t like this song. Everything about it is average. From the beats to the artists, and the music video. Just average. I won’t even waste another sentence on it. 4/10

Virusi Mbaya – Potelea Ndani

I genuinely like this song but its problems simply outweigh the good things about it. The beats are great despite my feeling that they deserved more justice than what we got here. It just lasts under three minutes. That isn’t bad but 70% of the lyrics comprise the phrase Potelea Ndani.

That’s it. There is nothing more to tell you about the song. It’s a shame that the song is half-baked. Virusi Mbaya sounds like an artist with great potential. This song just doesn’t prove it. 6/10

Omae Lion feat Swalleh Geffer – Mpesa Lady

Before I shred into this song, let me applaud Omae Lion for coming up with such a name. Very clever of you. Let’s now move our attention to the song. It’s trash. This is your typical case of meme music; they are never good.

What the two artists do here is sample George Kagwe’s MPESA lady voice and made it into a song. This, obviously, makes the song relatable to any Kenyan who knows George Kagwe. That doesn’t mean it is a good song; it’s quite hard to enjoy it.

It might be bad but it isn’t as bad as some songs that I am yet to get to. 5/10

Dezian feat Vuva, Saleem, Kabagezi, and DJ Gogez – Cheza na Dudu

No. I’m not going to talk about this song. 3/10

Shay Diva feat Zilla and Maddox – Sesa

This was my face while I was listening to this song:


The more I listen to these Kenyan songs, the more I wonder how grown-ups decide to make such songs. Let’s just start with the intro, okay?

Gari ya moshi Inaenda sana

Na niko tu mamoshi

Vile nimenyanya

Shay Diva

If I am right, this is a bastardized version of a nursery rhyme. Remember that this is just the intro. We are yet to get to the actual verses and things aren’t looking good. Let’s move on to Zilla’s verse where he says:

Rongase ngae no ne ng’ango

Rongase ngae no ne ng’ango


What does that mean? Can someone please let me know what he meant by that? Then we have my favourite line of the song:

Niite dem wa MPESA

Unatoa ama una weka

Shay Diva

I am done with Gengetone music. So done with it. I haven’t even mentioned the mediocre beats or how annoying Shay Diva is. Let me just stop here. 3/10

Jegede Nameless, Daddy Andre, SimpleBoy, BigPin, JerryOgalo, FundiFrank, VDJ Jones – Wakilisha

Jegede is actually a clown for posting an article about himself in the video description. He may have a VEVO account but that is not how you handle an account of that calibre. Also, the original video title was simply Wakilisha. It has now changed to include all the artists in the song. Again, that’s not how you handle a VEVO account.

I digress. I should be talking about the song which is just fine. Jegede is trying too hard in his verse with the choreographed moves and stuff. Yes, I am also making reference to the music video which is okay. It’s over the top for such an okay song but okay. Let Jegede do as he pleases.

This song also proves my point about why it’s not a good idea to have so many artists in one song. I will, however, credit Jegede for the production as the song has some nice beats. Also, SimpleBoy here and I loved his part.

Not that it is spectacular but because he just made me happy. His delivery in the song is better than what I expected from him and I just couldn’t help but smile. Also, his scene sees him flashing vacuum flasks which seem to be full of tea. This is the opposite of what artists do when they flash expensive drinks on camera. That was hilarious.

Nevertheless, this is an okay song. 7/10

P Unit feat Yvonne Darq – Bolingo

Do any of you remember Mobimba? If you do, Bolingo is more or less Mobimba part 2. It’s a good sense of nostalgia when P Unit was at the top of its game earlier in the decade.

There are a lot of things to like about the song. I love the Central African-like production which makes it an entertaining song. The guys deliver their verses in sheng’ and Yvonne delivers the chorus in Lingala. Again, this is not new territory for P Unit but I like the song. It’s better than what I have been hearing from Kenyan artists this year.

Does this mean that P Unit is reunited? I sure hope so because the local scene is not good at all. 8/10

One quick review of Brown Mauzo’s Kwe Kwe. It’s okay. Lizer Classic and Jegede come up with some decent beats but it has that Bongo feels than that of a local song. I would’ve easily mistaken it for a new song by an artist from WCB. Unless he is one of them. 7/10

Best Song: Bolingo

Worst Song(s): Cheza na Dudu, Sesa

Like I said last week, I never look forward to doing Kenyan music because of the wanting quality. This week has just been bad. How do people enjoy these songs? I’m curious. See ya next week.

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