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New Music Roundup: Selena Gomez, Tyga, and Lizzo

Another week of New Music Roundup, another article with five or six songs. Only this time, there are 11 songs. Wow. Coming up, Selena Gomez with two new songs, Tyga making more Mexican music, and Lizzo has a new remix.

New Music Roundup looks at what’s new, give my honest opinion and score based on whether they are hot or not. And at the end, I’ll pick my favorite new entries and worst entries.

This is going to be one long blog post.

Davido & Popcaan – Risky

Risky is such a snooze-fest. I’m sorry guys but it just is. Davido is at the peak of his music career with all of these collabs but this isn’t it. Let’s start with the beats which are an odd mixture of Dancehall and Afro-pop. The result is ugly. What’s even worse is that the song is meant to be a club song. How are people supposed to enjoy this song?

It’s not good. 5/10

Saweetie feat French Montana, Wale, and Tiwa Savage – My Type (Remix)

Months ago, I reviewed Saweetie’s EP ICY and it was good. My Type became the song that blew up and charted high in the Billboard Hot 100. It’s no surprise that rappers would hop on its success with a remix. The problem is that there are so many remixes of this song that Saweetie decided to release an EP of the remixes.

In that EP, this is remix #4 and French Montana is in this song. I only have one question, why does he keep messing with the beats in every remix he hops onto? It’s not like he has good punchlines let alone a good verse. Saweetie’s verse is untouched from the original which is the same for the other remixes. Lame. At least Tiwa Savage and Wale have decent verses.

My biggest issue with this song is its overexploitation. I could’ve been listening to a new song from Saweetie but this is what we get instead. Let’s just say I’m disappointed. 7/10

Tyga feat YG & Santana – MAMACITA

Do you know what this song reminds me of? Loko. MAMACITA is Loko part two. That is all I can tell you about the song. It’s not bad by any means as I really like the beats. My only issue is that it sounds and feels like Loko. The only difference here is that Tyga is the lead singer. So yeah. Good beats but I didn’t need to hear Loko part 2. 7/10

Lizzo featuring Ariana Grande – Good as Hell (Remix)

Lizzo is amazing. I don’t care what you people think. That woman is a star. Despite us being clowns sleeping on her songs, she is finally getting the attention she deserves. Good as Hell is a great song and the remix maintains that status. Ariana’s contribution to the song feels more of her trying to make the song more popular rather than making it better. And if I’m honest, I prefer the original version.

Still, it is a great song. 8.5/10

Megan Thee Stallion & VickeeLo – Ride Or Die

It’s okay. That’s all I’ll say about this twerk anthem. I may not be the biggest fan of twerk songs because they only talk about one thing; busting it open. Megan is quite comfortable making songs about twerking but it is getting old real fast. It was just two weeks ago when she was in that Gucci Mane song. There are no differences between that song and this one; just new punchlines.

What can I say? I’m a guy who likes music that I can actually enjoy. There is nothing to enjoy about a twerk song when you have no butt to shake. 6/10

Bankroll Freddie, Young Dolph & Lil Baby – Drip Like Dis

At this rate, Lil Baby should copyright the word drip because he is in every song that has that word. It’s like his SEO keyword. Bloggers will get that metaphor. Anyway, this is your typical rap song about flexing, talking about their mothers, and all the expensive stuff they can afford. Nothing new.

What I do like about the song are its beats. They are great and the 808s kick in real nice. I would not mind listening to its instrumentals again. 7/10

OT Genasis featuring Mustard – Big Shot

Just like Drip Like Dis, the beats are the only saving grace of this song. Everything else is just meh. I honestly can’t remember what OT Genasis was talking about. Have rap producers ever thought about releasing instrumentals only for us to enjoy? That would be awesome. Almost all of these current rappers sound the same and I would prefer if they just kept quiet. 7.5/10

Kodak Black feat NLE Choppa & DB Omerta – Zombie

The timing of the song’s release is on point. The rappers even make reference to the Halloween season in the song. But, there is a big problem with this song. It can actually be summarized by one word Megan Thee Stallion talked about in one YouTube video. Onomatopoeia.

In other words, rappers start making silly noises in their verses and call it a day. Kodak Black keeps saying Rrra Rrra in the song for whatever reason. It’s actually funny if you give it a couple of listens. That doesn’t mean it is a good song. 6/10

Doja Cat – Rules

I love Doja Cat. I really do but I can’t seem to like Rules. As I mentioned in her album review, she doesn’t take herself seriously and you shouldn’t expect anything mature from her. Rules doesn’t feel like a new song per se (if you’ve listened to her old songs) but it’s not that enjoyable.

It could be how she keeps mentioning the word pussy all the time or it could be the fact that the song is just there. This is Doja Cat for crying out loud. She can’t be making okay music. Why is she making okay music? I am not okay with that. 6/10

Major Lazer featuring Khalid – Trigger

Everything about this song is just okay. Khalid delivers some decent lyrics, the beat drop is fine and that’s it. It’s fine. What more do you want me to say? I’m actually getting tired typing away at my keyboard. Only two more songs to go. Oh, it gets a 7/10

Selena Gomez – Love You to Love Me

Is it me or does Selena Gomez have the most okay songs in all of pop history? Just think about it. Some good songs of hers are those she collaborates with DJs. Kygo with It Aint Me, and Zedd with I Want You To Know. Okay, Good For You was great but that was about it.

She has a couple of new songs and the first one is Love You to Love Me. It’s a slow song about her dealing with a toxic relationship. The song itself is nice but I can’t help but feel like she wants it to be a top-charting song. It’s trying too hard. 7/10

This quickly moves me to the final song of the roundup…

Selena Gomez – Look at Her Now

Nice beat drop. Nice, not great. The song’s premise is about a girl who was in love with a guy but the guy had feelings for another. She was hurt and stuff but with time, she was grateful that she dodged a bullet. So, the heartbreak was good for her in the long run.

Again, it’s an okay song and that’s all I can say about Selena Gomez. She is just okay. She recently announced that her album is ready and is about to drop soon. Let’s just hope that it will be good. My money is on it being okay. 7.5/10

Triggered Selena fans, calm down. That’s just my opinion. And that is it for this week. See you next week.

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