New Kenyan Music Roundup: Masauti, Sailors, and Willy Paul

Kenyan Music Roundup: Masauti

Guys, this Kenyan music roundup is supposed to be coming out every Tuesday. I realize it is not Tuesday but do not blame me. Blame the silly holiday we had on Monday. Coming up, Masauti, Magix Enga, and the ever-popular Willy Paul.

Welcome to the weekly segment that looks at the latest music releases in Kenya. We look at what’s hot and what’s not in the country.

To be honest, I never look forward to doing the Kenyan version of music roundup. Why? Because of the kind of music people like. I admit that my means of searching for new music in the country is a bit biased but I would love to hear all the good stuff. It’s not every day I want to be talking about Gengetone. So please, if you know some good music, let me know. Hit me up on any of the social media platforms or by e-mail ( and I’ll gladly review the songs.

Let’s just get to the new songs.

Bey T – Just Admit It

This song is okay. There is nothing spectacular about it. As a matter of fact, it sounds basic and I do not like that. I’m so tempted to ask where that passion she had in Khali Kartel went but I won’t. Look, Bey T has a bright future ahead of her and I’ll let this one slide.

What I won’t forgive is the production. It’s a no from me. Bey T does okay with her verses but the beats sound so mediocre that the whole song sounds mediocre. Sorry, not a fan of the beats. 7/10

KrgTheDon X Sailors X DJ Lyta – Nyandus

I don’t like it. This song serves as an example of why I don’t like doing this segment. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. It’s supposed to be a club song for the party lovers but why is it not a good song? Why? I have heard better club songs but this isn’t it. For real. And you can’t tell me you listen to this song while you are alone with your trusted pair of headphones. Do you? Really?

Despite my complaints, there is something that KrgTheDon does right and I’m going to call out Khaligraph Jones on this.

See that? The song is already out on streaming platforms. Remember that it only came out yesterday (22nd October). One problem, I don’t want to listen to that song. When it comes to Papa Jones, I want to listen to it but it’s not available on Apple Music for me to add to my playlist. Most of the time, I have to wait for a week for it to be released.

But I digress. Nyandus is a bad song. 4/10

Masauti – Sokote

Here is someone who I actually like. Masauti does club songs and the music quality is way better than most songs I get to listen to. I loved Ipepete because of its vibes and how quick he was to release it on other platforms. I’m happy to report that the same is true with Sokote.

Nice beats, nice club song, and Masauti made it available for streaming on Apple Music. The best part is that I’m going to add it to my playlist. See, Masauti is making my work easier. Take notes Khaligraph. 8/10

Magix Enga featuring The Kansoul, Dufla, King Kaka, Exray, OdiwaMuranga – Bad Gyal

There is only one thing that saves this song, the beats. Magix Enga does a great job with the beats. He seems to be everywhere nowadays. Wasn’t it last week when I looked at his Parte After Parte Remix? This makes me wonder about the replay value of these songs that come out in quick succession. I talked about this with Otile Brown’s songs and the same is starting to be true with Magix Enga.

What about the rest of the song? Fine. Just fine. I will not waste my time describing the lyrics about women and having a good time. You already know what to expect from the likes of Exray and The Kansoul. It’s just fine. The beats make the song a little better but that’s about it. 7/10

Riot X Kartelo – Low Libido

Can someone please find me good music that I can actually enjoy? This Gengetone thing is getting old now. 4/10

Willy Paul – Bure Kabisa

Willy Paul’s transition to secular music has been…interesting to say the least. His songs have been okay tending towards bad; the worst being Lamba Nyonyo. Bure Kabisa is all about him being heartbroken and him calling the lady a good for nothing.

First of all, I burst out laughing when he said “wewe ni bure kabisa”. That was genuinely funny. Second, just because she left you heartbroken doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it. Third, I feel like this was a waste of good beats. His delivery would’ve been better but this is what we got so that’s that. 6/10.

Best song: Sokote

Worst song(s): Nyandus, Low Libido

At this rate, I’ll need the Lord’s strength to be doing these Kenyan segments. Love the articles? Why not follow our Instagram page to get simplified reviews on your feed. See you next Tuesday.

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