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New Music Roundup: Missy Elliot, Frank Ocean, Kiana Ledé

It’s a holiday out here in Kenya. That means I have been out drinking and having the time of my life. But I still have time to look at the newest songs in this weekly music roundup. I love this job.

New Music Roundup looks at what’s new, give my honest opinion and score based on whether they are hot or not. And at the end, I’ll pick my favorite new entries and worst entries.

Let’s just get to it.

Danileigh featuring G-Eazy – Cravin’

You know what? I love this song. The beats are what caught my attention on my first listen. Then the chill vibe Dani has in this song makes everything better. The song itself doesn’t say much other than looking fly. It’s a simple premise with simple execution. Who doesn’t love simplicity?

G-Eazy is featured here and his verse is okay. Nothing spectacular but it does the job. Again, this is a good song and I’m impressed. Such songs usually don’t get my attention but this one did. So much so that I’ve added it to my playlist. Well played, Dani. Well played. 8/10

Missy Elliot featuring Sum1 – DripDemeanor

This is not a new song ladies and gentlemen. This song came about two months ago and I stated in the review that I don’t like this song. It was the weakest song on the EP. Still is. 6/10

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G-Eazy featuring Gunna – I wanna Rock

Let me take you back to 2009 when Snoop Dogg released a track with the same title as this one. I loved that song and the G-Mix with Jay Z was legendary. So, G-Eazy has a lot to prove by using the same title track. Well, it’s a decent song.

Unsurprisingly, this is your typical rap song. The rap verses from Eazy and Gunna are okay. Nothing much to say about the beats. Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind listening to it again. 7/10

Side note, this is one of the singles from his new EP, Scary Nights. That means I have to do a review. Great.

Frank Ocean – DHL

Trippy. This song is trippy. Just listen to this song with a good pair of headphones and let me know how you felt. That was the point of the whole song. Frank Ocean’s new song is all about drugs and sex. I like the effect the song will give you making it a unique listening experience. One problem, I don’t like the song that much.

Perhaps I need to give it a couple of more listens. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. 7.5/10

Kiana Ledé – Easy Breezy

If you read my review of Kiana’s Myself EP, you know how much I love her. She’s one of the upcoming artists who I actually want to see prosper. I mean, why not. Myself was a great release and I have been longing for new songs from her. At long last, she has.

How is it? It’s okay. Perhaps my expectations were too high but the song is okay. She still sounds great, the beats are great but it’s not her best effort. Still it’s a new song from Kiana Ledé and I’m a happy stan. 7/10

Blueface featuring Gunna – First Class

Oh dear. Just when I thought his recent song with Jeremih would see Blueface change his style of production, First Class does the opposite. What we have is the familiar style of rap from Bluefeace, offbeat. The beats aren’t any good either. Scratch that, they are wack.

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I actually feel sorry for Gunna. He is only on this song for the money and I respect the hustle. As for the song, it is bad. 5/10

Best song: Cravin’

Worst song: First Class.

That’s it for this week. I’m already behind schedule because of the holiday. Look out for a lot of posts this week. Follow our Instagram page if you would like to read simplified reviews. See ya.

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