New Kenyan Music Roundup: Khaligraph Jones, Ethic Entertainment and Boondocks Gang

New Music Roundup: Cover Image: Boondocks Gang

This has been a bad week of music releases. Everything is just trash.

Welcome to the weekly segment that looks at the latest music releases in Kenya. We look at what’s hot and what’s not in the country.

Gengetone music. This genre seems to be the new default and I don’t like that. Maybe I should because the more people congest the genre, the sooner it will die away. Or not. I can’t tell for sure. What I can say is that I’m not enjoying any of the songs from the Gengetone artists. It’s just the same old stuff. Let’s just get this over with.

Boondocks Gang X Nelly The Goon X Rekles X Magix Enga X Zzero Sufuri – Parte After Parte Remix

Was this necessary? Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute? What’s wrong with the original song? I actually prefer the original song. So, the Gengetone artists decided to release their own version and it’s just there.

Just because this song will do rounds in clubs doesn’t mean it’s a good song. It isn’t. What made me mad was Zzero Sufuri’s verse and his emphasis on loving vaginas. I can’t with Gengetone anymore. Sorry. 5/10

Ethic Entertainment & Boondocks Gang – Thao

There is nothing for me to say here. Ethic does the same thing that they do only this time Boondocks Gang is in this song. I don’t like the fact that Rekles does the chorus all the time when we know that he can spit some bars. SWAT continues to prove to us that we don’t know the sheng’ language and that’s fine. The song is just fine.

Same old stuff, same old opinions, and same old score. 6/10

Akothee – Rollam

To be fair, there is nothing bad about the song, be it the lyrics, delivery and the beats. Everything is okay. My only gripe is that it sounds Nigerian and that leaves me confused. Akothee claims to be one of the top acts in Kenya but I really feel she is serving the Nigerian audience than Kenyans.

This makes the Gengetone guys be more authentic (of which they are). Remember that my only gripe with them is their lyrics. Nothing else. Akothee does a good job with the lyrics but the whole song looks and feels like a Nigerian song. Heck, if I heard this song on the radio for the first time I would’ve mistaken it for a Nigerian artist. So, it gets a 6/10 from me.

Naiboi featuring Jabidii, Didiman, Ben Cyco, Maluda & David Wonder – Sondeka Part 3

I covered part 2 a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned that I didn’t the song in general. Naiboi featuring so many artists in one song doesn’t mean the overall result is good. Now, we have Part 3 and I honestly wish Part 2 was the last one. But here we are.

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Long story short, I dislike this one more than the previous parts. The only question I have for Naiboi is to what end will this song be used? Because it is getting stale really quick. I found it funny when he commented that parts 4 and 5 are coming soon. Uhm, no.

Please do another song. We can’t be listening to the same song with different artists for long. 5/10

Khaligraph Jones featuring Lamaz Span K.O.B – Me Siogopi

I have covered this song on the blog’s Instagram but let me just recap everything. This is a good song. I love the beats, the performances from the two artists and its replay value. Good stuff.

I’m happy with this song. This is what I wanted from Khaligraph Jones ever since he dropped Leave Me Alone which isn’t a bad song by any means. All I wanted was some more oomph and that’s what I get here. Is there a need for me to talk about his beef with HBR and DJ Pinye? No.

My only issue with this song is that it will take another two or three weeks before it gets to streaming platforms. It is only now that I can add Khali Cartel 3 to my playlist. If only the single was released at the same time with the music video. Oh well. It gets a 9/10.

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