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New Music Roundup: French Montana, Maroon 5 and Gucci Mane

Mondays can be boring. That is, I give you my review of the latest new music in town. How about that intro? Yeah? Nothing? Okay. :/

New Music Roundup looks at what’s new, give my honest opinion and score based on whether they are hot or not. And at the end, I’ll pick my favorite new entries and worst entries

A terrible week of music if you ask me. The releases have been meh. Spoiler alert, I will be ranting in this post. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

French Montana featuring Juicy J, A$AP Rocky & Logic – Twisted

And we begin with probably the worst song of 2019. This song is bad. I don’t even think bad is the proper adjective to describe this song. Let’s go through it bit by beat. The beats, for starters, are wack. Who made those beats? For the first time, I really wanted to know because these rap producers pride themselves in their own beats. Not in this song it seems.

Then we get to the forgettable lyrics. One question that was bothering me while listening to the song was “Did anyone enjoy doing this song?”. I don’t think they did. Juicy J sounds so bland, French Montana is forgettable as ever, A$AP Rocky was featured in this song for whatever reason and finally, we have Logic. About Logic. Wow.

A few months back, I reviewed his latest album and it was a mixed bag. No one denies that Logic can rap but it is his direction that is leaving fans and critics wondering what the hell is he trying to do. For the most part in that album, he tries to relate with the black community and it fails miserably. In this song, he makes fun of his most popular song. You know, the one about suicide.

1-800 then I kill the P**** who can relate?


Wow. Just wow. I just lost all the respect I had for Logic. It is one thing that this song sucks but it is another thing for Logic to be making such jokes. I hate this song. 4/10

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Gucci Mane featuring Lil Baby – Tootsies

You know what? I like this song. No, they don’t talk about anything sensible. Just your typical rapping. What I do like are the beats and the general feel to the song. It’s quite rare to hear me enjoy trap music but this one was good.

Making things even better is the fact that Gucci actually has a verse in this song. Yaay for me. At this rate, Gucci should just drop the album so that we can enjoy the trap beats. I’ll be fine with it as long as it doesn’t have 20+ tracks. 7.5/10

Shane Eagle featuring Nasty C – PARIS

This song shares a lot of similarities with Tootsies. The rappers are just talking the same old things, beats are nice and the flow is good. What sets Tootsies apart from PARIS is that I like it. PARIS is just okay. That’s it.

Don’t get me wrong, PARIS is not a bad song. I just can’t seem to find a reason to listen to it again. It’s just there. If you were in a public place, the song probably won’t get your attention. That’s because there is nothing memorable about it. What’s worse is that I have no idea what could make the song better. Both Shane and Nasty C deliver good verses but the song isn’t that great overall. Sorry. 6/10

Black Eyed Peas featuring J Balvin – RITMO

Oof. This is another bad song. From what I know, it serves as one of the soundtracks for the upcoming Bad Boys movie. The movie might be good but this song isn’t. The sampling of Corona’s Rhythm of The Night is cheeky, the beats aren’t that good and the whole song feels like a drag.

To be honest, I’m disappointed. This is coming from me, who enjoyed the album they dropped last year. RITMO doesn’t do it for me. 5/10

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Blueface featuring Jeremih – Close Up

I just have one question: Why is Jeremih in this song? I know, he was paid to be in it but why? Couldn’t he have paired up with someone else other than Blueface? This song is all about having fun and living it up but Blueface just does what Blueface does; rap offbeat. If I’m to be fair, the beats here are different from I heard from his recent EP so I’ll give him that.

Everything else is just okay. It’s not bad but it isn’t memorable either. 6/10

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Maroon 5 – Memories

Talking about songs that aren’t memorable. Like I said in the Billboard Hot 100 review, I don’t like how slow it is, and how nauseating Adam Levine sounds. The song is just meh to me. 6/10

City Girls – JT First Day Out

The song is all about JT celebrating her release from prison and boy does she have a lot to say. She talks about her upbringing, how far she has come and how she is not planning to go back to jail. I love the delivery of her lines and the emotions she brings to the song.

Technically speaking, she is still serving her time but it’s better than being in prison. I’m sure this song will be well appreciated by the fans and rap community alike since they have been pleading for her release. Good song. 8/10

Best Song: JT First Day Out

Worst Song: Twisted

That’s it for this week. Catch up with more new music next Monday. Also, check out our album reviews in the blog. See ya.

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