Summer Walker: Over It Album Review

Summer Walker Over It

Have you seen that popular tweet that says that Summer Walker doesn’t look the way she sounds? No? I’m here to confirm that it’s straight-up facts. The RnB queen has face tattoos which would make you mistake her for a hip-hop superstar from Atlanta which is her hometown just so you know. The album ‘Over It’ produced by London On Da Track was released on October 4th, 2019. On this record, Summer is giving us emotions, feelings and more. She is serving us some lyrics which we can use for Instagram captions and 2 am tweets. She is giving us some Mary J Blige’s 90s vibes. We love to see it.


The album boasts guest spots from Drake, Bryson Tiller, Jhene Aiko, 6LACK, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Is it a lengthy album? With 18 songs, the album is 48 minutes long which is perfect if you ask me. The art of making an album which is not more than an hour-long is one only a few artists have mastered. So, 48 minutes of pure RnB and soul magic.

Lyrical Themes

The album cuts across raw themes like love, sex, loss and relationship struggles. Summer starts us on a high note on the title track ‘Over It’ setting a tone for the rest of the songs. “Am I really that much to handle?”. She clearly wants a partner who can handle her even when she gets out of hand. It also looked like she was passing a message to a man who could not give her the attention she deserved and she could not sit around waiting for him to act right. So, take notes queens and kings. We are over people who make us feel like we are not worthy. Get you a partner who can handle all of you and then some. Lol okay, I need to chill.

On to ‘Playing Games’ which features Bryson Tiller, Summer is asking for public attention and acknowledgment from her partner – “No, I never had an issue, go the club with your boys, baby/I never wanted you to stay long, just wanted you to show me off “. This was a subtle message to all the people who act like they are not in a relationship when clearly, they are. “If you claim you want me, it ain’t no thang/You acting kind of shady/You ain’t been calling me ‘baby’ no”. In conclusion, stop playing games. ‘Drunk Dialing’ is what happens when you have a little bit too much to drink and end up calling that emotionally unavailable crush who shows no interest in you and constantly leaves you on read. “Too much Patron will have you calling his phone/Have you wanting some more”. Summer doesn’t want you to be that person.

Potential’ is one of my favs. On this record, she is speaking to a guy who caught her interest and she is just asking if he can hold her down. Why? Cause he’s got the potential to be the one. Just that. On ‘Fun Girl’ we see her become vulnerable exposing some double standards as to why she might be undesirable. “Is it cause I go where I want just like you, cause I make my own money and my own rules…don’t take no shit and won’t be used”. It’s almost as if men want women who have their own shit but oh well when they do what they want because they can’t be controlled by them. Summer called you out and she was calm while doing it lol.

Tonight’ is a record giving us sexy and romantic vibes – one of the feel-good songs on this album. “I wanna have some good fun tonight, I wanna get in a song tonight, I just wanna make up for lost time”. On ‘Just Might’ which features PARTYNEXTDOOR, Summer expresses her frustration when it comes to love and relationships – “Love is a losing game so I just might be a ho”. That looks like a tweet you would see at 2 AM lol. What is love?

Stretch You Out’ featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie is a whole post-breakup mood. Summer disputes her past lover’s claim that she did not commit enough to their relationship. Unlike him, she doesn’t take shit and knows when to leave. Not gonna lie, that song cleared my skin and pores. It’s the type of song that leaves you feeling empowered and powerful. I have to stan. ‘Off of You’ which is next, expresses how she has moved on from that relationship. You know you’re over someone when you do not cry over them anymore.

I’ll Kill You’ featuring one of my favs Jhene Aiko is a typical love song. “I’d go to Hell and Jail about you, boy/I’ve been waiting so long for a love like this”. Jhene’s verse is perfect, she gave us vocals and lyrics worth 8 or more Instagram captions. On the real though, it was a collaboration we didn’t know we needed until they gave it to us.

You probably already know ‘Girls Need Love’ which was so good that Drake gave a commendation and we got the remix featuring him. In conclusion, Summer Walker is an artist to watch because she has the potential to make bangers.


I enjoyed listening to this album and I would 9/10 recommend it. Summer Walker’s talent clearly jumped out. My top three favorite songs have to be Playing Games, Potential and Stretch You Out. If you haven’t already listened to this work of art, go sample it here.

Published by Keshie Muchai

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