Revisiting Chris Brown’s Indigo Album

Chris Brown Indigo

Back in July, I reviewed Chris Brown’s latest album Indigo. I mentioned in the review that the album was stretched past its elastic limit. In other words, it would have been a better album if the tracks were fewer. So, guess what Chris Brown decided to do? He added ten more tracks in the extended version of the album. I kid you not. It was already long as it originally was and it’s even longer than before.

Here I am, once again, talking about the album. Lord help me.

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The Additional Tracks

Do you know what this feels like? It feels like a DLC pack to me. The original album acts as the main game and these new tracks serve up as the DLC for you to download for an enhanced experience. Only this time, we are dealing with more tracks. So, how are they? Good. Really good.

Props go out to Chris Brown for making the additional tracks appear as the first ten tracks on the album. If he made an attempt to mix them somewhere in between the other tracks, I would be pissed.

On to the tracks themselves, none of them are bad. They are either okay or enjoyable. The enjoyable ones are Lower Body, Overtime, Outy when I Drive/Blame, and Going At It. The rest is just okay. I particularly like Lower Body because of the Afro-Pop beats. It’s that kind of diversity that I like to see in artists.

That’s the only new trick he has up his sleeve. The other songs are familiar with his previous work. You have songs like Technology talking about how long-distance relationships suck, Flashbacks being about how he can’t live without someone. It’s just the same old product with a new sticker on it. Sometimes the new sticker does make things interesting, case and point to songs like Overtime, which is one smooth song.


My only problem is that they are serving as additional tracks to an already long album. It would have been better if the tracks were served as another album. I mean, Chris Brown has his own label and he can do what he wants. He could’ve pulled off a Gucci Mane and I wouldn’t mind.

Instead, we now have 42 tracks in the extended version of Indigo. I feel sorry for someone who is yet to listen to the whole album. My advice, go and listen to the songs I’ve recommended here and in the original review. The rest are just okay and there is a chance (I kid you not) that you might doze off if you listen to the whole album.


The additional tracks might be great but it doesn’t change my original verdict of the album. It would have been better if the tracks were fewer. As such, the score still is a 6.8/10

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