New Kenyan Music Roundup: King Kaka and Zzero Sufuri

New Kenyan Music

Such a slow week for Kenyan music. Where is the music guys?

Welcome to the weekly segment that looks at the latest music releases in Kenya. We look at what’s hot and what’s not.

As mentioned, this is a very slow week. I only have two songs to talk about today but my focus will be on one song. And yes, I know Rayvanny has released Chuchuma. Why am I not including it here? Two reasons. One, he is not Kenyan (even though it will trend in the country) and Willy Paul did his own version and I like it better. Besides, what more do you want me to say when both songs talk about the same thing?

Let’s get to the songs.

Zzero Sufuri – Matiati

If I go back to the basic rules of making Gengetone music, Zzero Sufuri ticks all of them. His stage name, women twerking in videos, name of the song is some word you’ve never heard before and the usual catchy phrases. What’s this song’s catchy phrase? Mambo Lucy…

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However, there are a lot of positive things to talk about this song. We begin with the excellent production by Magix Enga. You can call him Kenya’s top producer right now. Then we have the quality music video. It’s simple yet it does what it was meant to do.

The song itself is all about butts because why not. It’s no surprise then that it will do rounds in clubs. Usually, I always say that’s fine and comment on how I can’t enjoy it when I connect my pair of headphones. This song is an exception because of the great beats. I care less about him telling me to raise my hands if I like big butts. The beats are all I care about. 7/10

King Kaka featuring Silverstone Barz, Frida Amani, Dyana Cods, She Flo and Tilly – Round 3

Oh dear. There is so much to talk about this song. It could’ve been a great song but there are glaring issues here. This song dropped a week after Khali Cartel 3 broke the internet. So it seems like King Kaka is also showing us that he has his own version of it. Coincidentally, this is also the third edition of his version but I consider it to be weaker than Khali Cartel 3. It’s actually a discount Khali Cartel 3.

Here’s the thing, Khaligraph Jones set the bar high and Round 3 is nowhere close to being as good. This has nothing to do with the choice of language or any beef with King Kaka. Facts are simply facts. Let me just break it down for you.

We begin with the beats which are meh. Just meh. What’s even worse is that they actually make some artists like Frida and Dyana sound offbeat. Silverstone Barz held her own pretty well. As a matter of fact, she is the only one who sounds natural with those beats. I can’t say the same about the others.

The ladies do deliver solid verses with a few hiccups here and there. For instance, Frida sounds like she is yelling during her verse. Sure, her flow is aggressive but she is loud. I’m not kidding. Try listening to her with a good pair of headphones, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Dyana Cods was dissing Bey T for no good reason. That was so random.

Perhaps the most confusing part about this song is that it doesn’t feel right. The song feels rushed in some way. All the female acts, in my opinion, aren’t given enough time to shine like what we saw in Khali Kartel 3. But the song is 6 minutes long and all the ladies are done with their verses. Who is going to rap for the remaining 3 minutes? King Kaka.

What was the point of having those female MCs in your song if you were to dominate half of the song? You would rather have made the song yourself. I mean, your verse alone could have been a freestyle song and I would love it.

So, what is the main takeaway from this song? Nothing except the fact that King Kaka can rap. I feel like the ladies’ verses were rushed so I really can’t make my full remarks about them. Poor beats selection doesn’t help this song either. Sorry. It could’ve been a good song but its issues are glaring. 6/10

What do you think about these songs? Let me know in the comments below.

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