New Music Roundup: Travis Scott
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New Music Roundup: Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, and Jessie Reyez

Another week, another time to look at the latest music releases. This is the New Music Roundup, making your Mondays more interesting.

I look at what’s new and give my honest opinion and score whether they are hot or not. And at the end, I’ll pick my favorite new entries and worst entries.


Before I begin, let me talk about Chris Brown for a minute. He released an extended version of Indigo with ten additional tracks. As if having 32 tracks wasn’t enough, we got ten more. Sure, I’ll have to update my initial review of the album but I know that the final verdict still stands. It would have been a better album if there were fewer tracks. Looks like he is doing the opposite of that. Why do I even bother?

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Let’s get to the tracks

Travis Scott – Highest In The Room

This is his first single after releasing his much anticipated Astroworld record. The songs were great and Travis was riding high in success. So much so that Nicki dissed his daughter because of it. Lol.

A little bit of context here, Travis’ new single comes after rumors suggesting that he and Kylie aren’t a thing anymore. Most people think that the song has something to do with the current status of their relationship and all that stuff. I, personally, do not care whether it has anything to do with that. You could say it’s a way of creating buzz as he was about to release the single.

And buzz it did. Highest in the Room is just okay. It’s not the kind of song you would find me going back to. The production is great and Travis is doing his thing and that’s fine. It just doesn’t add anything from what we already know he can do.

Die-hard fans will certainly enjoy it but I just find it okay. 6/10

Fabolous featuring Jeremih & Davido – Choosy

I like it; the afro-pop beats, and the vibe the song gives me. It’s just good. Jeremih seems to be the go-to guy for doing the chorus nowadays and Davido is enjoying his new appeal to the American audience. He’s not my favorite African act but I do approve his efforts.

The song itself just talks about them valuing that one girl (because there is always that one girl). They did what they had to and the results are good. Not great but good. The music video is also nice. You can tell I really have nothing more to say about it. It’s just nice. Just like how sex can sometimes be nice and not mind-blowing as you expected. 7/10

Gucci Mane featuring Megan Thee Stallion – Big Booty

Gucci Mane is quite an interesting fellow. He released his album a couple of months ago which was quite okay (and long) and here he is set to release yet another album. This, of course, isn’t any surprise to anyone who knows Gucci Mane but damn son, chill.

Big Booty is actually a song from his upcoming album Woptober II and it features Megan Thee Stallion. She has a good year and is continuing to prove why she is that boss. It’s no surprise then that she carried this song by herself. Seriously. Gucci just delivers the chorus and that’s it. Quite a brief song if I might add.

I also have to give it up to J White who delivers with some solid beats. For a song meant to do rounds in the club, it is good. My only complaint is Gucci not doing anything in his own song. What is not happening? 7.5/10

Juice WRLD featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Bandit

Big confession; I only know that one song by Juice WRLD where he talks about his heart being broken. Memes about his songs make it safe to assume that he is all about emotions and stuff. Bandit isn’t that song.

What we get here is your typical rap song talking about being better than others, not testing their patience and how they can flex. Nothing new. I will, however, praise Juice WRLD for having some clever lines. YoungBoy is another case. My problems start with his name. No, I’m not making it up. Second, he is 19 years of age. I swore he looks 25 or something. And his rapping isn’t that great either.

In the end, it is just an okay song. 7/10

Jessie Reyez – Far Away

Perhaps my favorite new song this week. Far Away is about long-distance relationships and how that feeling sucks knowing that the two individuals are far from each other. I love the message, the beats and Jessie’s soothing voice.

Far Away will be included in her upcoming debut studio album. I know for sure Keshie will be all over it because she loves her so much. I now see why. 8.5/10

Best song: Far Away

Worst Song: Highest in the Room

That’s it for this week. If you want to criticize my opinion about Travis’ new song, please go ahead in the comments section. See ya next week.


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