Young M.A – Herstory in the Making Album Review

Young M.A

Young M.A has finally released her debut studio album since her breakthrough in 2016 with Ooouuu. I still listen to that song to date because it slaps different. That was then and questions started coming up if that’s all she had to offer. It is not unusual to see artists who blow up fast being approached by labels and rush an album. This seems not to be the case with Young M.A and what she has to offer with Herstory in the Making is quite compelling.


Herstory in the Making is the debut studio album by Young M.A. It was released by her own label M.A Music and has 21 tracks. This fact alone explains two things: why the album took so long to be released and why there are so many tracks in here.

I really don’t need to repeat myself about why long albums affect quality but the same is true here. There are great tracks here and some not-so-good tracks. Let’s say those “okay” tracks didn’t make the final cut; we would have the best rap album of the year. That’s not the case but we still end up with a good album in general.


You’re gonna get the truth. You’re gonna get the cocky joints, the slick talk joints where I talk my talk, but then I’m gonna get personal. Real personal. That’s why this called Herstory In The Making because it’s about all sides of me.

Young M.A

That sums up everything about the album. No further comments to be made. I’ll just say how I felt about the two aspects put on display here.

The cocky joints are amazing. Young M.A blew up because of her cockiness and she still shows us that she still got it. Take The Lyfestyle for example. She is unapologetic for flexing on her haters in the song and you can’t blame her. The flexing is what you get in the first 7 tracks and that’s where things get interesting.

I’ve never heard her talking about her feelings and stuff before. You know, because we know how she loves talking about getting some, how can I say this, that body part that is held by the neck. At one point she even talks about kicking women out of her house if she starts acting up in Smoove Kriminal. Damn, she’s more of a man than some of us will ever be. Anyway, her being vulnerable in some songs was quite interesting.

The RnB-like tracks here are decent. Stubborn Ass has to be the best of them all because it’s just her being her. No forced singing, no RnB singer as a feature, just her. I think it brings out the authenticity of what she is saying. Numb is her saying to hell with love and only wishes to indulge in drugs. Some dark stuff right there but the premise of the song is so easy to relate to. The rest of them, Bipolar, She Like I’m Like, and My Hitta are just okay.

When you get to track #14, she slows things down and starts talking about her personal life. She talks about how her brother was murdered and how she doesn’t want to be associated with anything that is related to street stuff. Car Confessions is the song that explains why she took so long to come up with an album. She mentions how she invested in the music and how it has it has brought back returns and is now getting used to being an artist.

What I love most about this album is how Young M.A shines all through. Very few rappers come close to her skill level. While you might say this isn’t the best that she can do (case and point, her freestyles), she still has her moments of brilliance in some songs. Let’s not forget that she explored some sides of her we haven’t seen before. What she brings to the table with this album is more than enough.


I’m a Kween, crown me up

Young M.A, The LyfeStyle

Herstory in the Making is a great debut album by Young M.A that solidifies her status in the music industry. Very few come close to her rapping skills and her opening up about her personal life is just a cherry on top. Great album. 8.5/10

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