Top 40 Songs Kenya 3rd October 2019

Top 40 Songs Kenya 3rd October. Cover: Wizkid

Welcome back to the segment that reviews the top most popular songs in Kenya right now; This is the Top 40 Songs Kenya – 3rd October 2019. The data is provided by Apple Music. Two weeks have passed and it is once again time to look at the top 40 songs trending in Kenya. It’s quite a stale list because the same old culprits are still there with some new DaBaby tracks from his latest album. Nevertheless, let’s have a look.

Rules are simple, I review the top 40 songs in Kenya and give my score. If I reviewed the song in a previous article, I just give the score; you will have to go back to the older posts to see what I thought about the song. You would actually want to do that because I’m going to talk about seven songs today. Do yourself that favor.

#40 Ed Sheeran feat Khalid – Beautiful People: 9/10

#39 Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care: 6/10

#38 Burna Boy – Ye: 7.5/10

#37 Rema – Corny: 7.2/10

#36 Ochungulo Family – Kaa Na Mamayako: 4/10

#35 Sho Madjozi – John Cena: It’s about time this song got released. Do you remember the hype that came about when the song was first released by Colors? That was amazing and it got so viral that John Cena himself knows about the song. Sho finally decided to release it last week and it’s already within the top 40 charts. Hashtag not surprised. I love this song and her use of the Swahili song makes it even better. She’s doing way better than most local artists here. 9/10

#34 Burna Boy – Dangote: 7.5/10

#33 Post Malone – Circles: 7/10

#32 DaBaby – BOP: This song is your typical rap song where rappers talk about the same thing with the only difference being clever punchlines. The good thing about this song is that it has great beats; something I praised the album for in the full review. It gets a 7/10.

#31 Post Malone feat Young Thug – Goodbyes: 7.2/10

#30 Young Thug feat J Cole & Travis Scott – The London: 7/10

#29 Harmonize, Burna Boy & Diamond Platnumz – Kainama: 7/10

#28 Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Senorita: 7/10

#27 Rema – Dumebi: 6/10

#26 DaBaby featuring Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo – TOES: The song has some nice beats. That’s all I have to say. 6/10

#25 DaBaby featuring Nicki Minaj – iPHONE: Definitely the highlight of his new album. You would be right if you guessed Nicki Minaj as the reason why. Yes, they talk about the same old stuff rappers talk about but they both deliver solid verses. I can’t be mad at that. 8/10

#24 Drake feat Rick Ross – Money In The Grave: 7.8/10

#23 Burna Boy – Collateral Damage: 7.5/10

#22 Burna Boy – Wetin Man Go Do: 8.8/10

#21 Nviiri The Storyteller – Overdose: 8.5/10

#20 DaBaby – VIBEZ: There is a lot of bragging in this album so don’t look for deep lyrics. They will just disappoint you. Like this line:

She gon’ f*** me and fuck on my brethren (Uh)

My brother ‘nem, havin’ three h*** in the king size

I ain’t finished yet (Mmh), get another b*** (Mmh)

Wow. 6/10

#19 Mahalia feat Burna Boy – Simmer: 8.5/10

#18 Young Thug feat Gunna – Hot: 6.5/10

#17 Dave feat Burna Boy – Location: 6/10

#16 Chris Kaiga feat Tezzla – Zimenice: 7/10

#15 Burna Boy – Gbona: 9/10

#14 Burna Boy – Pull Up: 7/10

#13 DaBaby – INTRO: This song is a perfect example of a double-edged sword. Yes, it is a great song and a perfect way to start an album but the fact that DaBaby’s album takes a 180 after this song makes it a bad song to start with. He talks about how his dad died soon after his debut album hit number one. Personal stuff then the album proceeds to be all about bragging and the usual. It is a good song so I’ll give it an 8.5/10. But, it is out of place in that album.

#12 Beyonce, SAINt JHN & Wizkid feat Blue Ivy Carter – BROWN SKIN GIRL: 8/10

#11 Nviiri The Storyteller – Pombe Sigara: 8.5/10

#10 Chris Brown feat Drake – No Guidance: 8/10

#9 Joeboy – Beginning: 7/10

#8 Burna Boy – On The Low: 8.5/10

#7 Burna Boy feat Jorja Smith – Gum Body: 9.2/10

#6 Davido & Chris Brown – Blow My Mind: 7/10

#5 Wizkid – Ghetto Love: 7/10

#4 Jorja Smith feat Burna Boy – Be Honest: 9.2/10

#3 Wizkid – Joro: I’m curious, is Wizkid planning to drop an album? This is the second single he has released in a span of two weeks. It’s already high up in the charts thanks to clubs playing it over and over again. Just like Ghetto Love, it’s okay. It’s not that great to me but I do enjoy the beats. 7.4/10

#2 Joeboy – Baby: 6/10

#1 Burna Boy – Anybody: 8/10

That’s it for today. Like I said, pretty stale entry of this segment. What do you think about the chart? Let me know in the comments below. You can also check out the Billboard Top 40 review here. See ya.

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