New Kenyan Music Roundup: Khali Kartel 3, Femi One, Stevo Simple Boy

New Kenyan Music: Khali Cartel 3

This is the weekly segment that looks that the latest music releases in Kenya. Its purpose is quite simple, reviewing what’s hot and what’s not. Let me run down the rules real fast: we review the latest songs that have dropped in the last week and give them scores. In the end, the best new song will be recognized and so will the trash song.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give out the trash award this week because there are only three songs to talk about. They are all good but how good depends on personal preference. There is one song here that will have unanimous support because of the hype it has created (more on that later). Let’s begin with the two tracks that were dropped yesterday.

Femi One X Boondocks Gang X Mbithi X DJ Lyta – NYOKONYOKO

Uhm, yeah. So, this song exists. It’s no surprise that it is meant to be a club banger given the lineup in this song. Okay, I don’t know who Mbithi is but I’m assuming he is in the same line of making club hits.

I can’t say who did a better job lyrically because they all deliver okay verses. Femi One was alright, Ex Ray did what he does best by talking about handling women “the right way” and of course, Odi wa Murang’a was saved for last. Is it me or are people making him seem like the Beyonce of the group?

This song isn’t bad but it isn’t that great either. Its success, thankfully, doesn’t lie in my hands but in the hands of the public. Perhaps it will be a big club hit. Who knows? I just find it okay. 6/10

Stevo Simple Boy – Uhalifu

I’ve never had a chance to talk about Stevo Simple Boy since he became a meme. There is a sad, and a somewhat inspiring, story about his newfound success. Let’s begin with the fact that he became a meme because people found him as a joke. Some guys even went ahead to make fun of his appearance (not cool). But, he used that 15 minutes of fame to his advantage and he now has a competitive edge in his music career.

He has a new single and it has right about 30k views, which is a good number in Kenya. What can I say about the song? It’s okay but it has a lot of potentials to be better. Let me explain.

Stevo Simple Boy has almost all the traits of a successful artist in this modern era. He has the drive to make music, social media buzz, great music production, and his music seem to be spreading good messages. You could call it conscious rapping. What he needs right now is better delivery.

You can see it in his music videos how he is passionate about music but it would do him a lot of good if he can tweak his delivery. I’m sure he can. If he can find a way to do it, he’ll be better than most artists in the country right now.

Until then, this song gets a 7/10.

Khali Cartel 3

The song that everyone has been talking about nonstop. It is still the top trend on YouTube as I write this. This is the third edition of Khaligraph Jones joining up with upcoming acts and they just rap their asses off. I loved the second one so much because of how hard they went.

Edition #3 had a different approach as it was set in a courtroom with Papa Jones as the lawyer and the upcoming acts at the witness stand. What I like about this setup is that it gives the new acts ample time to show their worth and all that Khaligraph Jones does is just to introduce the next act. So, how did the acts do? Let’s look at them one by one.

Bey T: Her verse is sick. She was going hard with the beat and it’s the perfect start to the song. Her clever punchlines like the double trouble line are pretty sick and her flow is smooth. Let’s just remember that she is 19 years old. This means she has just begun. My favorite act in the song.

Breeder LW: Uhm, he’s alright. He spits his flow in sheng but I don’t really get his act as I do with Rekles. It’s quite weird. Not that he is bad but he’s just okay to me. Yes, he is aggressive on the mic but the aggression does nothing for me. Sorry.

Silverstone Barz: I have seen people debating about who was the better female rapper between Bey T and Silverstone Barz. Here’s what I think. Bey T has the flow of a rapper while Silverstone looks, feels and spits like a rapper. In other words, she is a whole-rounded rapper. As for her verse, it is aggressive as hell and she seems not to give two craps about what people think. I love it. I just feel like she just came up short with her delivery when you compare it to Bey T. That’s what I think.

Rekles: Wow. Just wow. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I’m actually impressed by what Rekles had to offer. This guy is amazing. He brings the street rap to life and he delivers big time. I, for once, am happy to talk positively about him given that he only does the chorus in the Ethic songs. And you know how I feel about that group by now. Rekles, you have a new fan.

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Chiwawa: Remember how I said Khali Cartel usually involves new acts? Put an asterisk to that statement because Chiwawa is an OG to the Kenyan industry. Onto his verse and it is alright. He just talks about what has been happening behind the scenes and how it is him against the world. And his verse concludes the ten-minute song.

Time to rank the acts from okay to best. Breeder LW, Chiwawa, Rekles, Silverstone Barz and Bey T. Cause all the drama you want in the comments section but that is my opinion. It’s not the holy grail that you have to follow. Finally, this song gets a 9/10.

And that is it for this week. What do you think of the new songs? Let me know in the comments below. See you next Tuesday.

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