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New Music Roundup – Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, H.E.R & DaBaby

Nicki Minaj

Welcome to New Music Roundup; the weekly segment that kicks starts your Monday with updates of new music. I look at what’s new and give my honest opinion and score whether they are hot or not. And at the end, I’ll pick my favorite new entries and worst entries.

We kick things off with the album everyone is talking about right now and that is Kirk, DaBaby’s second studio album. It dropped this past Friday and it is decent, to say the least. I like how short it is and how hard the beats go. However, I can’t say the same for what he is actually talking about in his songs. It is the same old stuff that rappers love talking about. You can read more of my opinions in the full review.

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On to the new songs.

French Montana featuring Post Malone, Cardi B & Rvssian – Writing on the wall

This song serves as an example of the kind of music which is not great but will get a lot of attention because of the artists involved. No, I’m not talking about French Montana but rather the presence of Cardi B and Post Malone.

What’s there to it other than the fact that it is a contemporary urban song? Nothing much. French Montana delivers okay verses, Post does his thing and Cardi names all the designer products that she can think of now that she is getting paid.

The collaboration doesn’t seem to add up given the theme of the song. Is it supposed to be an RnB track? I don’t know because there is a lot of bragging in this song.

Then we have the music video where all three guys are now giants. They seem to have been inspired by Lana Del Rey’s recent music video. It’s just fine albeit Cardi being portrayed to be driving a car when we know she doesn’t drive. Did she get a DL yet?

Let’s wrap things up here; the song is just fine. It sounds too radio-friendly to me and that’s okay. I don’t see myself listening to it again soon. 6/10

Nasty C featuring crownedYung – God Flow

There are two reasons why I like this song. One, the 808s in this song kick in real quick and two, Nasty C is just a great rapper. He delivers killer verses with some killer punchlines. Take this, for example:

Me under pressure? Nah, I’m under dresses

Or this:

I can’t even hit the gym, I’m scared to take a loss

Crazy. crownedYung is alright but he doesn’t overshadow Nasty C in his own song. As the song title suggests, he delivers a god flow. I love it. 8/10

H.E.R. featuring YG – Slide

Two words and a symbol can easily describe this song; Bonnie & Clyde. If you are familiar with the story, you already know the deal with the song. I like how chill the beats are and how H.E.R. sounds like she is ready to die for her man.

YG is here because what would be the point of having Bonnie without Clyde. He just reciprocates what she tells us in her two verses and adding a little extra steam to the lyrics. Typical rap verses.

The song itself is alright but it isn’t that great either. Just okay. I wouldn’t mind listening to it again. 7/10

Eric Bellinger featuring Kehlani – Headline

I. Hate. This. Song. For real. Here’s the thing, I usually listen to a song (or album) three times before making my final remarks about it. Headline is so bad that I had enough from its first listen.

Let’s begin with the chorus. I-

It’s so annoying and Kehlani doesn’t help when she adds her voice to the chorus. Her verse is cool but it can’t save the whole song. They say the chorus makes the whole song and Headline doesn’t have a good chorus.

My other complaint is the questionable lyrics. Eric says this in the first verse:

Put me on stage I’m f@#$%ng you crazy

I want your fans to see yeah, yeah


Amaarae – Like it

On the flip side, this song is amazing. The beats are chill, Amaarae’s voice is so soothing and everything is just so good. This is what I would call true RnB music. Because she doesn’t use profanity to make her point. Her words are so simple yet so convincing. Hell, I think I’ll use this song to shoot my shot on someone one of these days.

To top it all off, she is a Ghanaian. I stan a great African artist any time of the day. Just listen to this song. Trust me on this one. 9/10. You can read more about her and her music down below.

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Lil Kim featuring OT Genasis and City Girls – Found You

This song is so bad that I really don’t want to talk about it. Next. 3/10

Lil Tjay – Hold On

There isn’t much to like about this song. The use of autotune is bad here, I don’t like the trap flow and he isn’t saying much. Same old things rappers talk about all the time. It’s only saving grace could have and should have been good replay value. But it’s not that great to listen to. Unless you’re in a club or house parties where the choice of music is least of your concern.

Should you even bother listening to this? 5/10

PnB Rock featuring Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz – Fendi

As I look at the last song of this article, it is becoming difficult for me to understand how to appreciate today’s rap music. From the track title, you already know what to expect. At least Murda Beatz and Nicki Minaj save the song. And by saving the song, I really mean that.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like PnB Rock. He is just there and that continues to be the case here. There is nothing that makes him stand out from other rappers. I tried to understand his music by listening to his album a couple of months back but I was left with more questions than answers.

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Nicki Minaj kills her verse, as usual. But her claiming that this is her new favorite song at the beginning is laughable. Dear Nicki, there are so many collabs that you have done that overshadow this song completely. Heck, that Future song was way better.

I’ll stop now. 5/10

Best new song: Amaare – Like it

Worst Song: That Lil Kim Song

See ya next week.

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