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Emeli Sandé Real Life Album Review

Emeli Sande

Way before I became a reviewer, I was a fan of Emeli Sandé and her beautiful music. Her debut studio album, Our Version of Events was great, her second album Long Live The Angels was even better. Surely, she can’t surpass the two albums? She has. Emeli Sandé has released her best effort to date with Real Life and I am simply in love with it.


Real Life is the third studio album by Emeli Sandé. There has been a gap of three years since she released Long Live The Angels. To put it into perspective, I was suffering while waiting for new music. I even remember going on a rant on Twitter questioning if she’ll ever release a new album.

Real Life has a couple of differences from her previous effort, the most obvious being the fewer tracks. 11 tracks are well within the acceptable 12 tracks. It’s not like I was complaining about the other album’s lengths. Second, she is more grounded in this album. She isn’t experimenting as much and that’s fine. She still sounds great so who am I to complain.

Let’s talk about life for a moment

When you see what really matters, I think that’s when the honesty has to begin

Emeli Sande, Apple Music

This album means a lot to Emeli Sandé as it tells a tale of her self discovery in the past three years. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t describe from her point of view but in such a way people will relate to it. For example, Human is her attempt to remind people how worthy it is to be alive and feel happiness.

Her uplifting is the general theme of the album. Honest is her reminding us to know who we are regardless of what other people think. I like how she says in the chorus “Stop acting as if tomorrow is promised”. Extraordinary Being talks about, well, what the title track suggests. Same goes for You Are Not Alone.

The uplifting messages are delivered with some smooth gospel-like production which makes the experience much better. I’ll only complain about Sparrow which was an okay song despite Emeli talking about how she likes the military beats. My personal favorite has to Same Old Feeling, a song which she states was recorded without adding any digital fake sounds. To her credit, her vocals are so clean and the emotion is clearly expressed.

By the time you get to Free as a Bird, you’ll be in awe at her clean vocals, smooth production, and uplifting lyrics. This definitely is a mature album and it requires a mature listen. I think she did a great job with Real Life and I, as a fan, can’t be mad at that.


Real Life is a great uplifting album by Emeli Sandé. While she may not be trying anything new with this effort, she still sounds great and who can be mad about that? 8/10

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