Lil Tecca – We Love You Tecca Mixtape Review

We Love You Tecca

This mixtape, We Love You Tecca, by Lil Tecca is the exact reason why I don’t like modern rap nowadays. It’s just there and offers nothing new other than the usual things rappers do talk about. Then again, I’m just a reviewer and my opinion might not necessarily be the same with that of a casual listener. The kids might be loving this mixtape but I sure don’t.


We Love You Tecca is the debut mixtape by Lil Tecca. We all know how he blew up with his viral hit Ransom. I actually talked about it in one of the Top 40 Songs Kenya review and if I can remember correctly, I was concerned about what he talks about in his songs. Well, he decided to release 16 more songs and I have more issues to discuss now.


Yes, this is a 17-track mixtape with only one guest feature. A smart move by Lil Tecca so that he can show us what he is all about. The problem is that he sounds the same in every song. I’m sure that he does say some clever punchlines in some of his songs but his delivery is constant throughout all the songs. There is one song he tried to sing and I immediately skipped to the next song. Sorry.

What makes this same delivery so apparent is the fact that it is 17 tracks long. While it may cover a span of 40 minutes, it is kind of tedious to listen to the same flow over and over. You might think I’m being unreasonable. How about you do this homework for yourself: the next time a rapper(s) like Lil Pump releases a 20+ album, be sure to check the stream count on Spotify. You’ll see the first 10 tracks get more streams than the rest.

Back to Lil Tecca’s mixtape. The production is decent; that’s the only positive thing about it really. You sure will enjoy the beats with a good pair of headphones. If I’m honest, that’s what I put my attention to other than what he had to say. My second listen was now focused on the lyrics and boy oh boy, is there a story to tell.

Lyrically incorrect?

First, let me thank Lil Tecca for actually explaining his lyrics over at Genius. It makes my work easier as a reviewer. However, he kind of shot himself in the foot with the explained lyrics.

Let’s use Ransom as an example here. He does say the following:

I got two twin Glocks, turn you to a dancer

Lil Tecca, Ransom

What he does say in the explanation of this hook is what surprised me.

Bro, I don’t have no straps for nobody. I don’t got no straps. No, no straps around here.

Lil Tecca

The same is true for other songs. He mentions hopping into a plane to France when he really hasn’t been to France before. That’s okay, I haven’t been there too so let’s call a draw. My point is that he is talking about things that he really doesn’t own or hasn’t done before. Sure, we don’t want him to be confessing murders in his songs *cough* Bobby Shmurda *cough* but at least he can try to be accurate about them.

Other than that, we have your typical rapper talking about being married to the money and ignoring women because they aren’t loyal and stuff. It’s your typical generic stuff. Should I be mad about this? No. He’s just 17 who is fortunate to have the limelight. For that reason alone, I’m happy for him. As for his music, I don’t like it as much.


We Love You Tecca is quite a weird mixtape from Lil Tecca. While you do get 17 tracks with him being the highlight, it also shows us his cracks in terms of his delivery. Again, people will still love this but count me out. 6/10

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