H_art the Band – Made in the Streets Album Review

H_art the Band

H_art the Band have finally released their debut album Made in the Streets. After making a lot of buzz with their popular hits like Uliza Kiatu, they have finally put out a full studio album. I’m so happy because the band is more than capable to make a great album and all I can tell you is that they have outdone themselves. I love it so much. Made in the Streets is one of those albums I never knew I needed to listen to.


Made in the Streets is the debut studio album by H_art the Band. The band, consisting of Mordekai Kimeu, Kenneth Muya, and Wachira Gatama, has been blessing us with music since 2014 and it has been one good experience. Side note, whenever I see someone’s name is Mordekai, this person comes into mind.

Another side note; I love the Regular Show. Let’s move on, shall we?

Most people praise their spoken words in the middle of their songs. Most importantly, their music has been considered way ahead of its time. I do find myself going back to listen to their old stuff and it has aged like fine wine.

Made in the Streets sees the band still making great music and the guys taking time to bless us with their words of wisdom. With the album’s well-paced 13 tracks, you are in for a great listening experience.


Everything about this album is amazing so expect me to be kissing a lot of bottoms right about now. Let’s begin with the amazing instrumentals. They should release a deluxe version of the album with the additional tracks just being the instrumentals. I like how simple the instrumentals are yet so moving. Adding the lyrics and the artists to the mix take the experience from a solid 10 to overkill.

The features are also great. We have Nyota Ndogo, Bensoul, Kaskazini, Sauti Sol, Seyi Shay, and Victoria Kimani making their contributions. It’s a star-studded album and the features do feel part and parcel of the album.

This ultimately brings us to the boy band itself. The guys outdid themselves with the whole album. Whether you are listening to it for the messages they have in store for us or just having a good time, Made in the Streets is definitely an RnB inspired album that has infused the Afro Pop style of production. My favorite songs have to be Usiseme No, Number Wan, Golden Chances and El Shaddai.

Speaking of El Shaddai, I just admire the ending of the album. It ends with the band thanking God for the far they have come and it is an awe-inspiring ending. The boys really love making music and they are grateful for the far they have come.

Questionable Strategies

I genuinely thought that this album was released today until Keshie told me that it has been out for three weeks. Not on the streaming platforms though. They finally released it on the platforms today but there is one big problem: it’s not available on Spotify. This is only questionable because they decided to release it on Tidal; a service that is yet to be available in Kenya.

The truth is that I usually pay attention to new music releases on these platforms. We are in the age of streaming and if artists decide to forego streaming in favor of CD sales, there is a PR nightmare in play. They should have released all their songs on YouTube for more people to access their new stuff (which is great btw). It is the only disappointment with the album but I’m sure they have their reasons.


I do love H_art the Band, I do love their debut album Made in the Streets but I do have issues with the album PR strategies. For the love of all that is holy, just release the album on Spotify. More local users have Spotify accounts. Trust me. But I still love the album. 9.5/10

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