Taylor Swift – Lover Album Review

I have never been so hesitant to do a review like this one. It’s Taylor Swift with her new album Lover. Despite it being a big deal, I’ll just come out and say I’m just a casual listener of her music. You should, therefore, consider this a casual review of the album.


Lover is the seventh studio album by Taylor Swift. It is a 19-track album that lasts over one hour and of course, is mainly pop music. Taylor Swift has been stereotyped to be one to sing about all of her heartbreaks and what not. She even got dark with her album reputation which was okay for the most part. Lover sees her being more optimistic and actually happier than before. I guess the theme of this album was how love triumphs all.


The album is mainly produced by Swift herself and Jack Antonoff. As a result, Lover is your typical pop album. Not that it is bad, but it is what you come to expect from her. I mean, she is the biggest pop star this century so she has to deliver with the songs. As for the length, I’ll let it slide for now.

What about Taylor Swift? She sounds good, as always. We get to hear her telling us how her former lover regrets not being with her, how happy she is right now and telling her haters to calm down. I won’t get to the specific details of her lyrical content because this is a casual review. You can read the in-depth review from Pitchfork. And no, I won’t waste my time talking about how woke she is nowadays. That is none of my concern as a casual listener.

What casual fans are actually interested in

Time to bring out the questions every casual fan will ask:

  1. Is it a good album? Yes, it is. It’s quite enjoyable actually. However, I did find the songs getting overstaying their welcome in the middle but the album does end on a high. If I were you, listen to tracks number 1-5 then skip all the way to the last five songs.
  2. What about lyrical maturity? The answer depends on how you value Taylor Swift. If you like her stuff, you’ll notice the maturity. For people like me, I wouldn’t care less. It would only matter when she says some dumb things (but she didn’t).
  3. Is the album’s production too generic? Kind of. I’m not so into pop music because of how generic it gets and Lover doesn’t introduce anything new to the table. You’d rather listen to the lyrics.
  4. 18 tracks? It’s not that bad, to be honest, but I’d rather you do as I had advised in the first question.


As a casual listener of Taylor Swift, I will say that Lover is a decent album. I wouldn’t mind listening to it again despite me not being such a huge fan. 7/10

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