Vallerie Muthoni – Pisces SZN EP Review

Vallerie Muthoni Pisces SZN

I am so late reviewing this. Vallerie Muthoni released Pisces SZN months ago and my clown self is getting to see it now. The only reason I am seeing it now is that she released a music video for one of the tracks in the EP a week ago. Still late to the party. God, I’m such a clown.


Pisces SZN is the second EP released by Vallerie Muthoni (someone to please correct me if I’m wrong). I’m just mad that I’m getting to hear about her now. Is it because people have been shoving Gengetone to me as of late? Maybe.

This EP is relatively short with three tracks lasting under 10 minutes. What’s interesting is that there is so much to talk about from these three songs.


The first thing that I think of when I hear Vallerie’s music is the good old days of Camp Mulla. Those were the days I knew uptown music was going to steer Kenyan music to the top. Pisces SZN rekindles my hopes for uptown music.

Let’s begin with her rapping skills in the song Legendary (and in general); excellent. Vallerie can hold her own light and I’m sure she’s barely scratching the surface with it. Even with her rapping prowess, she acknowledges her feminine nature in the song New Flex. I genuinely like how she can talk about her feels and still show her aggression in one track. And that outro to the song made me laugh out loud. Good one Vallerie.

Pisces SZN ends with a feel-good song in the form of Spicy SZN. Yes, I do get that she is playing with words (Pisces and Spicy). This is my favorite song of the EP. Taio and Ruby deliver solid verses and the song itself is just a vibe.

More Diversity, please?

Let me just go back to me complaining about late I am to listening to her music. It’s great but I don’t like how underrated her music is. Maybe she has a strong following. I don’t know, I’m new to her stuff. All I can do at this point is hope that I get more music from her.

At this point, I’m a happy man. Why? There is more diversity to the local scene. While I’m still concerned with the kind of music Kenyans are into nowadays, I see a balanced playing field in the next two years or so. It doesn’t matter what genre you branch to, just make the content good and the music will sell itself.


I love Vallerie Muthoni and I love Pisces SZN. That’s it really. Also, let me put on this mask for discovering her music so late.


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