Missy Elliott – ICONOLOGY EP Review

Missy Elliott ICONOLOGY

When I think of Missy Elliott, I think of a living legend. She took hip hop to newer heights than ever before and that was admirable. Health problems, however, temporarily put her down but she still released songs to her faithful audience. Fast forward to 2019, she is about to receive her MTV Vanguard award and has released her first EP in 14 years. This is Missy Elliott with ICONOLOGY.


ICONOLOGY is Missy Elliott’s latest release since The Cookbook which was released in 2005. Talk about taking time off. The EP itself is brief with five tracks (four technically) that last over 15 minutes. Now, I don’t know about you guys but this is fine to me. Expectations vary and it’s okay.


What I love ICONOLOGY is a sense of nostalgia. Throw It Back literally throws it back to the good old days of Missy Elliott in her golden days and I love it. I love how she says “I’ma snatch they wigs, til I see that scalp,”. That line is made even funnier in the music video when the girls in the videos “lose” their wigs.

Speaking of that music video, Missy does love to go crazy with her hairdos. I mean, have you seen the cover image for ICONOLOGY? That is all real braids. No Photoshop. Damn. Moving on to Cool Off which, an upbeat dance song that I find okay. The rest of the tracks are your typical RnB stuff from female rappers. Nothing wrong with that. I like Why I Still Love You (and its Acapella version) more than DripDemeanor. The latter just felt meh to me.

More of a legacy than a comeback

Is this a return to form for Missy Elliott? It depends on your POV. ICONOLOGY is more of a legacy statement to me. Think about it, she is about to receive a Vanguard award; the EP was released just in time for her to do a live performance during the show. Convenience. Also

You know what? I’m okay with that. Because if this was an album, some critics I know would be ranting about her being stuck in the past. People are so weird but okay. I don’t expect this EP to be breaking stream sales but it will make a lot of 90s kids (like me) very happy.


ICONOLOGY is an EP that reminds us of how great of an artist Missy Elliott is. The nostalgia will sit well with most of her fans and casual listeners alike. 8/10

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