Young Thug – So Much Fun Album Review

Young Thug So Much Fun

Rap music can be such a polarizing genre. It has its moments of brilliance and some moments we would just want to forget about. Every now and then, there will be a sub-genre of rap that will dominate the culture for some time. Gangsta rap was dominant in the 90s, then crunk became a thing and now we have trap music. My opinions about trap music have been negative but if I’m honest, it just depends on the mood. The same applies to the new album by Young Thug, So Much Fun. It depends.


So Much Fun is the debut studio album by Young Thug. You read that right, this is his debut album. I’m genuinely surprised because Thugga has been around for quite some time and now is when he releases his first studio album. Perhaps that was his strategy all along? We can speculate about this later. Fun fact, the album was released on his birthday.


Let’s talk about that title for a moment before I proceed into other aspects of the record. The album is called So Much Fun. My initial response was that I shouldn’t get bored at all during its 19-track runtime. Lucky for him, I didn’t get bored. I don’t even mind how long the album is because Quality Control made me so angry that I’ll let it slide.

Moving on to the trap beats, they are good. Listening to these songs using a good pair of headphones is such a joy. The likes of Mustard, Wheezy, DJ Durel, and even J Cole are the ones you should be thanking. The features too are alright. My favorite has to be Future’s feature in Sup Mate. This song reminds me of the 21 Savage deportation drama.

What I don’t get is the praise people are giving to the song What’s the Shanz featuring Lil Uzi Vert. Yes, the two rap to birds singing in the background but that’s pretty much it. I can’t say much about the rapping. Young Thug has always been that eccentric rapper and Lil Uzi is just that guy who just moves his shoulders (lol).

A great strategy?

Let me be honest with you guys, I’m not the go-to guy to doing trap reviews. I’ll just give them bad scores. Some reviewers give an in-depth analysis of every track but I usually keep it simple by telling you about the whole listening experience. It’s just an okay experience. That’s coming from a casual listener of Young Thug’s music.

Before some of you tell me about how deep he was in his lyricism, can I just say that this is a good thing? Hear me out, okay? When Young Thug popped into the scene, people were criticizing his eccentric style of rapping. Fast forward to today, we are used to it and that makes it easier for casual listeners to be more receptive to his music.

If you were to make me listen to this album in 2014, I would consider it garbage. That’s not the case now. It’s decent to listen overall and it could get better with the mood you’re in. I’m sure the experience will be greater if you are high on something or just in some weird zone. It makes sense why it took him so long to release an album and kudos to him.


So Much Fun is a decent album by Young Thug. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but it can slap differently if you give it a chance. 7/10

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