Quality Control – Control the Streets Vol. 2 Album Review

Quality Control Control the Streets

36 tracks. That is the number of tracks we get from Quality Control with their second compilation album, Control the Streets. First of all, nobody asked for all of these tracks and second, we might have an overexploitation problem. This is by no means an album I would recommend for anyone to listen to because you don’t have an hour and forty-five minutes to waste. Well, I did listen to all the tracks and Quality Control missed a mark with Control the Streets.


Control the Streets Vol. 2 is the second compilation album by record label Quality Control. It is the sequel to the already long 30-track Control the Streets Vol. 1. Here, QC decided to shove six additional tracks making the runtime close to two hours.

There is no denying that Quality Control might be the hottest rap label in the world right now. I mean, they have the Migos, Lil Yatchy, Stefflon Don and City Girls. That’s a huge roster and they are still developing more talent with time. My problem revolves around the existence of this album. Was it really necessary? Sure, they have to show their dominance now more than ever but wouldn’t it have been better if they focused on individual artists’ albums? Food for thought.


Let’s get obvious facts out of the way; the album is too long and monotonous. That pretty much summarizes Control The Streets Vol 2. I don’t really know who decided making a 36-track album would be a good idea. I know for sure other music reviewers agree with me about how long albums affect quality. That’s made Chris Brown’s Indigo album score be lower.

What about the beats? They are mainly trap beats. This is thanks to the likes of Mustard, Tay Keith, DJ Durel and OG Parker. Because they are trap beats, you know what to hear from the rappers. You’ll only get to hear something different when the song features City Girls. Songs like Wiggle It and Like That have that twerking vibe to it. The rest of the songs are pretty much the same; endless bragging, talking about they came up and how much ice they got.

Overexploitation of artists

Let’s talk about the artists featured in the compilation album. We have Migos, Lil Yatchy, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Gucci Mane, City Girls, Young Thug, and Stefflon Don. Those are just to mention but a few of the many guys featured here. What I don’t like is seeing the Migos being featured in almost every song. They are everywhere.

Of course, them being featured either as a group or individuals brings about a lot of problems. First, their style of rapping. Many artists have made use of their rap flow and they themselves still use it proudly but it is getting stale. Their problems began with Culture 2, an album that showed that one formula for success can wear out real quick. I don’t need to remember how that worked out for Quavo in his solo album.

Unfortunately, Migos are QC’s golden boys and as long as they are the talk of the town, they will continue to be featured everywhere. Remember when Cash Money was making sure Lil Wayne was everywhere back in 2011-2013? The same thing is happening here.

Because of this compilation album, I am not willing to hear new music from them. I have been hearing their songs since 2017 and we have arrived at a saturation point. Funny enough, I don’t mind Lil Boat as much because I don’t get to hear a lot from him. As for the Migos, yikes.


Control the Streets Vol. 2 is a long, tedious and monotonous compilation album by Quality Control. Its relevance does raise a lot of questions and the label making use of the Migos to a point of saturation is quite worrying. Don’t listen to it, you aren’t missing out on anything. 4/10

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