Blueface – Dirt Bag EP Review

Blueface Dirt Bag

So, you had Thotiana, that song by Blueface, from a couple of friends and it’s a decent song. Then the song gets a dozen remixes from different artists which makes you wonder why they didn’t just join to make one song. Then Blueface releases Dirt Bag, an EP that really should be called Thotiana – The Remixes. You’ll get what I mean in a few.


Dirt Bag is the third EP by Blueface and was released by Cash Money Records. The most surprising fact is that Cash Money actually decided to sign this guy. At least he is getting paid so there’s that. Let me blunt about this EP – it’s not good. There have been memes about Blueface about being so offbeat but I never knew it was this serious.

To make things interesting, I will be doing the review by answering some questions you might have in mind.


Is Dirt Bag’s production similar to Thotiana? Yes. What I find funny is that these songs are produced by different guys. It’s almost as if they were just making the song according to his specifications. The problem with this is that it gets repetitive. What makes it even worse is that even if he does have a different production style, he’ll still be offbeat so I’m wasting my time talking about it.

Are the features any good? Okay, Offset, Rich The Kid, Lil Pump, The Game and Mozzy are the features in the EP. All of them are okay; better than Blueface. To be honest, I wouldn’t have tolerated listening to this EP three times if this was a solo effort all through.

Should I even listen to it? Trust me, you might lose some brain cells after giving it a listen or two. Or you’ll end up just laughing at the corny lyrics (they really are). It depends.

What is there to like about the EP? I really don’t know. I’m not expecting people to enjoy any of these songs unless you’re just doing it for the memes. For the record, there are lots of WTF moments in this EP.

The Memes Are Coming

Blueface is one rapper who has a lot of questionable hooks. They range from WTF to LOL. Here are some of my favorite lines:

Two d****, I’m with the full-fledged bullshit (With the bullshit)

Stop Cappin (feat The Game)

I don’t know about you but every time Blueface says two d****, this is how I imagine him when he is about to smash.

That P**** too wet, get a napkin

Daddy feat Rich The Kid

Wow. Just wow. Nobody in the history of ever thinks like this.

Glock with no safety, but I keep it for safety (Slippin’)

Bussin feat Lil Pump

Why would you want to keep such a gun? You could shoot yourself or someone for no good reason. Is it me or does this line make me wonder if he’s actually serious? Because rappers do tend to talk about things they have or go through. Let’s just move on.

Chain hangin’ and swangin’ on me like titties (Yeah, aight)



But let’s move to Lil Pump who says this:

I’ma pull it out at her grandma house, ooh (Grandma)

Lil Pump

There is this weird obsession Lil Pump has with grandmothers. I don’t like it. It’s very disturbing.

Cock on her back with an umbrella and a cocktail (Ooh)


Okay, let’s wrap things up.


Dirt Bag is an EP in which Blueface tries to recreate Thotiana and ends up making failed rehashes. Not to mention he is offbeat. It’s a no for me. 5/10

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