Willy Paul – Lamba Nyonyo Single Review (And Rant)

Willy Paul Lamba Nyonyo

Oh my goodness. What is happening? Can someone please tell me what is going on? Willy Paul decided to release Lamba Nyonyo a couple of days ago and all I got were texts from people to review the song. I should’ve reviewed the song as soon as it dropped on YouTube but I have exams. Anyway, I have some time to spare. Time to review Lamba Nyonyo by Willy Paul (and a possible rant).


Lamba Nyonyo is the latest single by Willy Paul, the guy who was once a Gospel musician turned secular. I wasn’t surprised when he made the switch because his controversies aren’t what you would expect from a Gospel artist. Eventually, he did move away from the genre and he has been making some songs which have caused some controversy (duh). None, however, has sparked so much backlash like Lamba Nyonyo.

I wasn’t really mad about his move to secular music but the making of this song has triggered me on all levels. In my opinion, there are two groups of people to blame for this atrocity (more on that later) but let me just talk about the song first.


There is only one GIF that perfectly describes my first reaction to the song:


What on earth is Willy Paul smoking? Hold up, who agreed that this was a good idea? Everything about this song is just bad. The beats are terrible; the lyrics are just childish and the guy himself is just being ridiculous. I can’t imagine a full-grown man sat down with his team and thought that this was a good idea.

The funny thing is that he did spark a lot of interest in the song. As we speak, the song is #1 trending in Kenya right now. I’ll give him points for a job well done with the PR but I can’t say the same for everything else. Goodness, gracious.

Is he really to blame?

There is nothing as satisfying as watching a music video on YouTube and reading the comments simultaneously. You’ll get to read all kinds of opinions and this song was no different. Let me just highlight one comment which summarizes my upcoming rant.

Willy Paul didn’t make this song because he really wants to; he did it so as to stay relevant among the masses. It’s how artists are able to sell music and generate revenue. One question: Why did he go the same direction as that of Ethic and Sailors? The answer is quite simple, it is you guys who are tolerating such kind of music.

As I mentioned in my mini-rant in the Top 40 Songs Kenya review, just people like listening to songs like Wamlambez or Figa doesn’t mean the song is any good. What I didn’t mention is that people will try as hard as possible to replicate the same kind of success or just try to stay relevant. Sailors did the former with Wamlambez and Willy Paul is simply doing the latter.

The underlying cause of all this is the public. Like guys are making a fuss about playing #KEMusic but we end up getting songs that a one-way ticket to garbage town. As long as we keep singing Wamlambez and claiming that it is “uniting the youth”, we will continue getting songs like these. I’m mad that Lamba Nyonyo exists but I blame you guys for making it a thing.


Lamba Nyonyo is a horrible song by Willy Paul and it is all thanks to the public making guys like Ethic and Sailors relevant. This is what we get when we praise mediocre music. 2/10

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