Unpopular Opinions: Music Edition

Unpopular Opinions: Music Edition

Disclaimer: You might get triggered by some of these opinions, just like how everyone gets triggered by anything on Twitter. However, it is important to note that everyone has a right to an opinion. Today we get to see Keshie’s not so popular opinions, or not. The Anomaly Diary will not be held responsible for any opinion which may cause harm by triggering emotions/feelings as these are the writer’s personal opinions. Enjoy!

This is not your normal shallow unpopular opinion post where people compare Nicki Minaj to Cardi B or Kendrick Lamar or J Cole. Can we stop doing that? It’s actually possible to have two or more successful talented artists doing the same genre of music. Maybe this is actually my first unpopular opinion. It’s not always a competition. You won’t die if you like both Kendrick and J-Cole okay?  

On to important things:

Spotify is better than Apple Music

There, I said it. I did not think I’d have to explain this but let me just do it. Spotify is like that friend who knows what you are going through and every time you open the app, she gives you a playlist you need. Did you get your heart broken? Spotify knows that and already has a ‘Sad Bops’ playlist waiting for you. Did you think of procrastinating that workout? Spotify is always a step ahead so she will fix a ‘You Can Do It’ playlist for you to achieve your goals. Can we also talk about how their recommendations are actually what you want to listen to? Plus, it’s automatically on night mode. What more could you really want?

Having a type of music is actually putting yourself in a box.

Now, do not get me wrong, we obviously have preferences when it comes to genres. I swear I do not know what to answer when people ask “so what type of music do you like?”. My music taste is literally Billie Eilish and all the songs I like except the ones I don’t. Music is so diverse so do not deny yourself a good listen because you don’t listen to Indie artists or whatever you ‘don’t prefer’. Listen to everything, make your playlists a little bit spicy. There are so many songs that are ‘not your type’ which will actually slap once you discover them.

It’s actually possible to separate the music from the artist.

Who would have thought? This ties to cancel culture. If you think I’m not going to listen to a song I actually enjoy because the internet canceled the artist, you’re gonna have to think again lol. Tay K is in jail right now and I still listen to The Race. 6ix9ine? Yeah, I listen to that shit. Kodak Black? Zeze is a bop. Stop guilt-tripping people into canceling artists. We don’t necessarily love and support their actions because we liked one song they did. The artists can serve their jail time for what they did, as they should, and we can still listen to their music. Everyone wins.

The fact that you don’t like a certain artist, does not mean they are overrated.

I see this with Beyoncé all the time. I think people who say they don’t like Beyoncé don’t necessarily hate her music; they just hate the influence she has. Beyoncé is not overrated. She is a talented artist who has mastered her craft for years so for you to come and say she is overrated is just absurd. May the Beehive find and deal with you accordingly. While we are on that topic, Jaden Smith is actually a good rapper but y’all hate to see it because he is Will Smith’s son. Like, I don’t get it. Is it a requirement for rappers to start from the bottom or in the streets for them to actually be good or relatable? Yes, he is privileged but that does not make him talentless. And that’s on period. Protect Jaden and Willow at all costs.

The universe has not gone to the dogs just because of people like the beats and not the lyrics to a song.

I know we are at a time where some artists don’t even put the effort into writing songs with a message because they know with a catchy beat, it’s still going to sell. Hear me out, it’s not always about the message. Sometimes, people just want to jam to music and have a good time so please let people enjoy things. Listening to trap music is not being shallow. And if you think it is, you’re shallow. I’ll Gucci Gang you to death.

Now on to the last one for today.

Hating on popular songs/artists is NOT a personality trait.

You are not elite or smarter than anyone in the room just because you don’t like Old Town Road or it’s 2 million remixes. Even better, you don’t deserve any award just because you haven’t listened to Brown Skin Girl yet. This reminds me of people who used to be proud of saying they had never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. Congratulations, now it’s over and you missed out on a good show. What will you tell the masses? Y’all just make my blood boil sometimes. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this or got triggered in one way or another. Either way, you still read it and that’s all that matters right? No? Alright, I’m gonna go now.

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