Yuna – Rouge Album Review

Yuna Rouge

As promised in the Blank Marquee single review, here I am with the full review of Rouge, the new album by Yuna. I’m glad I waited on it because it is such a great album to listen to; especially if you went through a breakup or something of the sort. This is me saying that I can relate to such kind of music but I will not get into my personal life.


This is actually my first proper listen to what Yuna has to offer but as it turns out, she has been doing music for over a decade. Rouge is her 4th international album and her 7th studio album overall. And I get to hear her music now. Have I missed out on a lot? Yes. Thank God for streaming platforms right?

The album itself is fairly long with 11 tracks spanning 42 minutes. It is also your classic serving of RnB. If you have been reading my reviews, you know how I have several issues with modern RnB. But, it is not the same case with Yuna. She is great. I love her.


Yuna has stated in a recent interview with Billboard that the production of the album is more pop-oriented than her previous records. This is also her first album to feature lots of collaborators. You have the likes of G-Eazy, Tyler The Creator, Little Simz and Miyavi. All of them do make the songs even better with their presence. Like, I couldn’t complain.

My best part has to be the instrumentation. I still find myself dancing to Blank Marquee because of the Daft Punk vibes it gives me. The same is true for Castaway. The other tracks then divert to either slow tempos or upbeats.

For the broken-hearted

This album will definitely give you the feels. The main theme of Rouge is mainly about relationships that went south and Yuna tells us of the experiences of having a breakup. I’m sure most of us will relate to us. Songs like (Not) The Love of My Life is about Yuna telling someone that she isn’t feeling the vibe anymore. How about Teenage Heartbreak where she goes through that one bad breakup and would still want to do it again.

It’s your basic serving of RnB music with a touch of pop influence in it and I love it. This is one of the few RnB albums that I have enjoyed listening to this year and I wouldn’t mind listening to again. I might be late to the Yuna hype train but I don’t regret enjoying her music.


Rouge is a wonderful RnB album by Yuna and I’m glad I had a chance to listen to it. This is the kind of RnB that I would listen to every day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to her previous albums. 8.5/10

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