Iggy Azalea – In My Defense Album Review

Iggy Azalea In My Defense

The year was 2014 when Iggy Azalea took over the world with her hit Fancy. At that point in her career, I was sure that she was going to breathe some new life into the female rap industry. Her debut album dropped later in the year and it was great. She, however, had troubles with her label, which meant her originally intended sequel album “Digital Distortion” never came to life. Now, she signed a new multi-million deal with Empire and after five years, we have a second album. This is Iggy Azalea – In My Defense.


In My Defense is the second studio album by Iggy Azalea. She did release a mixtape prior to the album which had the song KREAM. Just a btw, I love the beats in that song.

Well, I’ll not dive into the mixtape but I will say that it did show a lot of promise from her. There is also that song she did with Quavo (which I love to date). She has really been putting some work into her music. That leaves us with one question: Did she deliver with this album? Yes.


Now, I will be bringing up The New Classic a lot of times because there is a huge difference between the productions and style. For starters, The New Classic’s production had a lot of pop culture mixed into it which was more of a hit or miss. It’s like her former label wanted her to be a pop icon who can rap or something of the sort. It felt forced to be honest and I wasn’t a fan.

In My Defense shows a different side of Iggy. She tends more towards Megan Thee Stallion than Nicki Minaj (I’m only using the comparison as a way to drive my point home). I love this better than her debut album because she sounds so real and I vibe with the production. A lot of credit has to go out to J White, who delivers with some solid beats. Yes, my headphones did come alive especially in the song Spend It. I was having a lot of fun with this album.

Did I mention that it is only 12 tracks long? Thank you, Iggy, God bless your beautiful song. Btw, I am not willing to revisit Chris Brown’s album; I can’t imagine sitting through another two hours. So far so good, Iggy Azalea is ticking all the right boxes with this album. What about her themes?

Pleasure Rap all the way

The album starts off with Iggy addressing the backlash she has received over the years. She puts those allegations to rest in the song Thanks I Get. Clap Back then tells us about how she will re-emerge back into the scene; the same thing we saw with Tyga. After those two songs, it’s pleasure rap to the end.

Do I like it? Yeah, it’s actually worth your time. It’s funny how I can listen to Iggy Azalea or Megan talk about how they want a guy to pay up for the bills but I can’t stand someone like Tyga talk about sex. It’s just icky when male rappers do it but the female rappers do a great job. What’s even better is the fun beats that accompany these kinds of songs.

One thing I do appreciate is that Iggy is being herself in this album. No filter, no forced themes; just her and the music she likes to make. To be honest, I’d prefer her reminding us that we are not in her tax bracket than her talk about her feelings.


In My Defense is an album that Iggy Azalea needed to drop as soon as she possibly could. The good thing is that she delivered it in her own way and no one should be mad at that. 8/10

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