Otile Brown feat Ethic Entertainment – Dala Dala Single Review

Otile Brown Dala Dala

Uhm, I like it. Okay, I admit it. I like the new song, Dala Dala by Otile Brown and Ethic Entertainment. It is a good song.


Dala Dala is the latest song by Otile Brown as he pairs up with Ethic Entertainment. Well, not all members of Ethic are involved in the song; only Seska and Swat contribute to the song. I sincerely hope I got their names right because I only know Swat and Rekles.


Magix Enga produces the beats of the song and they are awesome. Credit should go to the guy as he is making some awesome beats for local artists. He also has his own music career picking up if I am right. Once again, great beats.

Otile Brown also does a great job with his performance. Given that this is more of a club hit, he delivers quite well. What about my favorite people in the world right now? (Lol). Uhm, they’re alright. Of course, you’ll see some memes being generated from what Swat and Seska say in the song. Their part isn’t bad but I wouldn’t say they made the song any better.

Change of heart?

Does this mean that I have a soft spot for Ethic Entertainment? No. Absolutely not. I’m not hating on their success but I find their music quality quite wanting. Of course, this is my opinion and should not be the holy grail of all other reviews. They just make average music which people seem to enjoy.

Besides, this is entertainment. The artists have to make a living. I’m not mad that Otile has made this song because he can do way better but for what it is worth, it’s a decent track to me. See, at least make an effort with your club hits. Yes, I’m talking about you King Kaka.

Now, I would have praised the song even further if the song was uploaded to the various streaming platforms but that’s not the case. YouTube is the only way to enjoy this song right now. Bummer. At least it has over 110k views in one day so Otile Brown is doing something right.


Dala Dala is a decent club hit by Otile Brown. The feature by Ethic Entertainment was decent enough to make it a song to be replayed over and over in clubs. I don’t mind it at all. 8/10.

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