Tanasha Donna – Nah Easy Single Review

Tanasha Donna Nah Easy

I’m a little confused about what Tanasha Donna is all about with the release of her new single Nah Easy. Her music sounds like Afro-Dancehall but then again it kind of isn’t. And don’t get me started about my opinions about her as an artist. Let’s just say that this will be an unpopular review.


Nah Easy is the follow-up single by Tanasha Donna, two months after she released Radio. When I reviewed that song, I did mention that it felt like it was more of an Afro-pop song. Fast forward today, I’m convinced her music is Afro-Dancehall because of her constant use of Dancehall vocabulary. Then again, I’m not sure.

This song is also not available on Apple Music or Spotify. Quick question, why? Most local artists are taking advantage of the streaming platforms so why isn’t she doing so? Like, there are millions of Kenyans using Spotify Tanasha. To be fair, the YouTube strategy is working for now but she should also add her music to the other platforms because it’s not like I want to go back to YouTube to listen to one song.


The dancehall-inspired song is produced by S2KIZZY who does a good job here. I just can’t help that there is some similar production with Radio, especially in the chorus. Her choruses seem to have a sampled song which is faded in the background. Plus her talking about people not wanting her to be successful is something I have heard a million times before. Those, however, are the least of my problems.

My main issue with this song is Tanasha Donna. I’m just going to say it; she’s not a good singer. You can even tell that her voice is processed and the final result is neither here or there. To me, I find her voice quite annoying. Remember, I’m only talking about the processed voice and I did mention that she was lip-syncing her performance at 10/10 in the other review. Second, I’m not buying the whole Dancehall vibes she has going on. I don’t know why but that’s how I feel.

Surely, there must be some positives. There are some but not so many. The video quality is good. I like how they brag about videos streaming in 4k resolution when I can’t even get the single on Spotify. 😑😑Calm down, Elvis.

I also like the fact that there is some diversity in the local scene. We used to have this problem of having one sub-genre dominating the whole industry. There is so much diversity right now and Tanasha is definitely a major contributor to this. I’m sure there are people who enjoy her music right now and are willing to see how she will evolve from here but I’m just not a fan. Perhaps a new single will change my mind.


Nah Easy isn’t what you would call a great follow up but at least it shows what Tanasha Donna is capable of. I’m just not a fan right now. 6/10.

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