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On Repeat – 10th July 2019

On Repeat 10th July

Welcome back to On Repeat, the weekly segment where I talk about the songs on my playlist, both old and new, which are constantly on repeat. So, I have a couple of things to mention before going straight to the songs. One, these songs featured on the On Repeat Segment will be featured in playlists which you will access via Apple Music and Spotify. The playlists will represent the very best songs I have listened to in my opinion. I’ll announce when the playlists are ready on my social media platforms so make sure to follow me through the social buttons down below.

Second, this edition is going to be super nostalgic. Over the past couple of weeks, I found myself listening to old music, specifically the hits of the last decade. With that said, let’s get to the tracks On Repeat – 10th July 2019.

John Legend feat Andre 3000 – Green Light

How many actually remember this song? It came out back in 2008 when I was a chubby little kid. If I am correct, this song introduced me to John Legend; I already knew Andre from the Outkast group. This song is about John asking a lady to give him permission to blow her mind away. The delivery is done with a fun beat which will get you dancing, not to mention Andre’s enthusiasm here.

Rihanna – Take A Bow

Can we just take some time to appreciate Rihanna as a legend? She has been doing this music business for over a decade now and she is still doing her thing. Anyway, this song is also from 2008 from her successful album Good Girl Gone Bad. Take A Bow is essentially a song telling a former lover goodbye after he/she tries to make amends. The song has aged like fine wine and I wouldn’t mind listening to it again.

Britney Spears – Work B****

This takes me back to 2013 when EDM was at its peak; every artist was dropping all kinds of house songs. Britney, of course, jumped onto the bandwagon and it worked. Well, except for the auto-tune which can be quite annoying. I can’t complain though because auto-tune and house music goes well peanut butter and jelly. The only reason I’m pointing it out is that I play this song while working out. It gives me this weird motivation even after my muscles are completely worn out.

50 Cent – Window Shopper

50 is the definition of a true rapper; proud and petty in one human being. Window Shopper is just him reminding you why you can’t buy the things he can. Yes, he is belittling his haters and who can blame him? Why are you hating on someone’s success?

Timbaland feat Drake – Say Something

A decade ago, Drake was the new kid in the music industry. Now, he is considered the best rapper in the world. Talking about working your way to the top. This song just shows how Drake really hasn’t changed over time. He still does his vocals and goes all out in his verses. Add this with excellent production by Timbaland and you have yourself a great hit.

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

I love Kanye West. There, I said it. He is the one who made me love rap music back in the day. It’s unfortunate how bad rap has gotten over the years but when I listen to Ye’s first three albums, you’ll appreciate a rap God. That’s my opinion; whether you like it or not. Or as he puts it, you can’t tell me nothing.

Do any of these songs bring back good memories? Let me know down in the comments below.

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