King Kaka Featuring The Kansoul – Kula Vako Single Review

King Kaka Kula Vako

King Kaka is back on the music radar once again. This time, he pairs with the ever-entertaining trio of The Kansoul in the song Kula Vako. It’s an interesting collaboration, to say the least, but is it a good song? Well, you might want to sit down for this one.


Kula Vako is the latest single by King Kaka. This is the first single he has released outside his latest album, Eastlando Royalty. It’s interesting to see how quick artists quickly move on from the album cycle. This has been the same case with Khaligraph Jones after he released Testimony 1990. The good thing is that they are keeping their fans engaged so I can’t complain.

For international readers, Kula Vako simply means take it easy. That’s actually the premise of the whole song. King Kaka is telling us to take it easy. The highlight of the song has to be its music video, especially the video vixen. God bless her.


Kula Vako is produced by Jack-Jack On The Beat. Quick diversion, why do these music producers have to name themselves with the suffix “On The Beat”. Like where is the creativity? Yes, we know they are the ones who made the beats but come on, come up with better names.

Back to the song, it has a Dancehall vibe to it. I won’t be surprised to see it making rounds in clubs. As a matter of fact, it IS a club hit. I mean, wherever you see the Kansoul, expect the song to be all about having a good time.

Is the song any good? Uhm, I don’t know how to put it but someone in the YouTube video comments made my work easier. We share the same opinion about the song.

Again, God bless that video vixen.

Unpopular Opinion

Khaligraph Jones was doing an interview on The Wicked Edition and he talked about how Kenyans should support their own even if the music isn’t that good. He made a good point but I can’t tolerate mediocre music as a reviewer. Yes, I will continue to look out for new music from local artists but they should at least make it good.

Here are my problems with this song; King Kaka’s verse and the chorus. The fact that he still does the chorus simply means that he is the problem. He is the main problem in his own song. Lol. The chorus, for starters, feels wrong. Like, is that the best they could do? It goes something like this:

(I say, Kula Vako

I say, I say, Kula Vako

Hold up (pause) Vako) x2

We then proceed to King Kaka’s verse which is the weakest of them all. The Kansoul do hold it together with special mention to Mejja. That guy is simply a national treasure. I laughed out loud when he said this:

Huu si manzi wako

Ni mali ya umma

Ni manzi yako peke yako akiwa kwako

Akitoka nje, ni mali yetu


I love this guy.

As for the rest of the song, I don’t like it as much. It would’ve been better if the chorus was changed and King Kaka delivered a better verse. Not that I’m hating on him, I have heard way better from him and this is just a disappointment.


Kula Vako is a not-so-good song from King Kaka but is eventually saved by The Kansoul. Because the song is meant to target clubs, I’ll give it a weak 6/10. My original score was 4 because I don’t like it.

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