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Ethic Entertainment

You might have seen the trends on Twitter about #JusticeforEthic. I can’t say I support the guys in this issue because there is only one side of the story being told here. The event organizers, for whatever reason, are yet to release a statement. For now, I can’t pick sides. What I will say is that this is really bad for Ethic Entertainment guys as a brand and I’m about to tell you why.

What happened?

Ethic Entertainment were the headliners of the popular Koroga Festival. Things went south after they received hostile treatment from the private security at the event. Some members of the crew and the DJ were badly hurt and had to be taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

This, of course, led to the group releasing a statement on their social media platforms about what happened. They feel like local artists don’t receive the same treatment as international artists and are to seek legal redress. You can read the whole thread down below.


The organizers, Capital FM are yet to release their own statement. Well, they should because videos have been doing rounds on the internet about how bad the event was.

Bad Publicity

There is no denying that I’m not a fan of their music. I’m a critic and I only express my issues with music quality. As for PR issues, this is a nightmare for them. If we trace back to when they became famous, it was because of their song “Lamba Lolo” which is notorious for using a lot of sex lingo. That song is how people still take them to be; some boys who sing about sex and women.

Fortunately for them, they have made progress with their career and struck a deal with Universal Music Group. At this point, they are megastars but incidents like the one at Koroga Festival prove that people still don’t take them seriously. In fact, this issue might affect their PR status with the corporate world. That’s one disadvantage of signing record deals; you have to play nice with the corporates or you won’t get the much-deserved push.

Now, the group could learn something from this; whether they were the victims or the perpetrators. It’s just a matter of how smart they make their moves from here moving forward.

Establish a no-nonsense management team

They might be from the hood but they need to establish a proper management team who will handle all of their issues. Maybe they do have such management. If so, they aren’t doing a good job. For starters, if they are supposed to be doing a gig, the management should ensure that there is a full understanding between the artist and the event organizers. You wouldn’t hear such a scandal with Sauti Sol or Nyashinski, would you? Such agreements are business-oriented and Ethic should start treating it as such.

The team will also help Ethic Entertainment be an organized group. Every move they make will be calculated for their own benefit. You usually see how artists aggressively promote their songs on media as soon as it drops. That’s the management pulling the strings.

Last but certainly the most important, effective management will push their career forward. So far so good, Ethic Entertainment is doing a good job with releasing and promoting their songs. It would be a shame if one bad move renders their hard work to waste. This brings me back to them…

They should avoid such scandals in the future

Again, it doesn’t matter if they were the victims or the perpetrators, they should always stay away from trouble. They are now dealing with corporates with the hope of brand ambassador deals and whatnot. How they display themselves in public matters.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a little controversy here and there. I mean, it’s what keeps people talking about the artist but not to this extent. I don’t think corporates would want to deal with people who don’t get along with private security.

Will this issue affect Ethic Entertainment’s stardom? Not really. However, the group should consider having a good management team by their side. From the looks of it, someone is not happy that they are rising through the ranks. At best, they should establish themselves as the dominant artists they are.

What do you think about this scandal? Do you think we don’t support our own artists? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to also check out some of the most recent music reviews on the blog.

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