The Kansoul & Vivian – Accelerator Single Review

The Kansoul Accelerator

At this point, I think I have a love-hate relationship with Kenyan music. It can be good at times but it keeps failing me whenever I have high hopes for it. It gets worse when the songs I don’t like become popular and the ones that I love barely get any attention. Quite absurd if you ask me. This new song, Accelerator, by The Kansoul and Vivian, just emphasizes my point.


Accelerator is the latest song by The Kansoul. I have come to accept the fact they only make club hits and that’s okay. The trio has had success over the years so you should expect nothing different from this new jam. At this rate, they are just releasing songs with the hope that it gets massive playtime in clubs.

Also, this song isn’t in any of the streaming platforms. YouTube is the only way you can enjoy this song at the moment. This is just the beginning of my many problems with the song.


The song is produced by Madtraxx and it certainly isn’t his best efforts. Trust me, I have heard most of the songs he has produced and this is one of the poor ones.

It gets worse when we get to the artists themselves. Vivian seems out of place in the song. If we exclude her part, the song would be more or less the same. Not that The Kansoul is any good here. Their performance is just okay, it does nothing for me at all. Then again, this was meant to be played at the club so who cares about what they say right? Right?


I’m sorry guys, I’m a sober reviewer which means I can’t help but find everything wrong with this song. What about the lyrics? Oh my, it is bad. Here’s what Mejja says in his verse:

Ka kuku ni ndege (uhuh)

Basi samaki ni meli (Okay)


How? Why? It doesn’t stop there. Here’s what Kid Korra says in his verse:

Ka we ni bunduki

basi mimi ni sniper

Kama wewe kitanda

Basi mimi pajama

Kid Korra

Goodness me. Look, even if I were to put aside my critic hat, this isn’t a good club hit. It just feels lazy. This song makes Ethic’s Figa sound ten times better and that is not a good song in its own right. I’m just baffled by the quality of songs being put out nowadays. There is no effort at all and people will still praise them because #KenyanMusic. Ugh.


Accelerator is a weak song from The Kansoul and I’m quite disappointed. Even if I put my criticisms aside, I wouldn’t want to listen to this song in the near future. It’s not good. 5/10.

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