Khaligraph Jones – Leave Me Alone Single Review

Khaligraph Jones Leave Me Alone

Khaligraph Jones is back again with another single, Leave Me Alone. It has been two months since he released Superman, which was okay but does this new track sound better? I don’t think so.


Leave Me Alone is the latest single from Khaligraph Jones. Once again, he does all the things rappers do in a rap video; a pretty lady, dancing about, guys throwing gang signs. The video quality is good though. It seems he has this aim of promoting Kenyan music to the world by shooting his videos abroad. Well, if there is someone who can do that it is him.

Again, this isn’t available on streaming platforms. He did upload Superman later on to Apple Music and Spotify but it was a little too late for that. He should definitely try releasing the song across all platforms at the same time.


There is nothing new to talk about when it comes to Khaligraph Jones. The producer, Eibyondatrack, does an amazing job with the beats and Papa Jones does what he does best; rap. That’s pretty much it, the review should end here. But, there is a problem; there is nothing new to talk about.

Leave Me Alone doesn’t introduce anything new to the table. Yes, the beats are new, the lyrics are new but the overall package is more or less the same as Superman. It’s basically Superman 2.0. Not that it’s a bad thing but I would appreciate some diversity.

Then again, the only time I’ll be guaranteed diversity is if he drops another album. He hasn’t been talked about it yet so let me just work with what I have at the moment.


Leave Me Alone is another good song by Khaligraph Jones but that’s all to it. Just like Superman, I don’t consider it as my favorite song from him. 7.5/10.

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