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lady zamar monarch

Lady Zamar, what an artist, what a woman and what an album Monarch is. To be honest, I’ve never been into South African music as much. There are a few exceptions like Nasty C and Casper Nyovvest but that’s as far as my like for South African music goes. Lady Zamar, however, has changed my mind with Monarch, a beautiful album that I can’t stop listening to.


Monarch is the second studio album by Lady Zamar. Once again, I question myself why I began reviewing songs just the other day. I really have been missing out on great music. The album itself is 20 tracks long spanning one hour and 32 minutes (more on this later) and it’s what I would call African House music.

Now, I should point out that I might be biased about how I review this album but IDC and I certainly DGAF. This album is amazing and it should be considered an African treasure.

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Lyrical Themes

Lady Zamar has pointed out in a recent radio interview that this is the most personal album she has ever put out. She talks about love, life and herself; which are all encapsulated in the form of Dance music. Here’s where I find it interesting, she hopes the audience can be able to relate to her message and at the same time enjoy the good music.

My first listening experience was more of enjoying the great beats (God bless those producers). I appreciated Lady Zamar’s voice in my second listen because she is such an angel and delivers her parts effortlessly. The third listen was when I started to actually hear what she was talking about in the songs.

For starters, she appreciates the show Being Mary Jane in the song Mary Jane but I wouldn’t be surprised if people mistook it for something else. Say Yes is an Afro-techno song which surprised me to find out that it is actually a gospel song. Lady Zamar confirmed this herself so I have no reason to doubt her. She also goes to uncomfortable territories with the song Fat Girl. I actually commend her for talking about her body because guys nowadays are fat-shaming each other.

This and much more is covered in a span of 20 tracks. Yes, it is quite lengthy given the run time of one and a half hours. Yes, it has taken me a week or so to come up with the review but I have no regrets, Monarch has great replay value. That’s why I won’t rant about it being so long (even though it is). Besides, no song feels out of place. All I can tell you is that if you want to enjoy the whole album, you better be sitting somewhere because it will require your whole body and soul to digest what she has to offer.


Monarch is a beautiful album released by Lady Zamar. It may be my first time listening to her but I’m already in love. Great album. 9/10.

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