Megan Thee Stallion – Fever Mixtape Review

Megan Thee Stallion Fever

I am so late for this review. Let me be honest, I did this review a couple of weeks back but my opinion has since changed. Megan Thee Stallion presents an interesting look at the female-rap industry that I like. This is the same thing that I brought up with Saweetie. As it stands, I like Megan Thee Stallion and I like her mixtape fever.


Fever is Megan’s debut mixtape released over a month ago with 14 tracks. For a long time, I was convinced that it is an album because it genuinely sounds like one. I’ve never seen someone promote a mixtape like this; like I see her everywhere nowadays. She is even featured on Apple Music’s Up Next artist. Things are definitely looking up for her.

Is she a threat to the rap industry? Yeah but I don’t think that she cares about competition. She is just doing her thing and getting her paychecks so good for you Megan.


This is a bass-heavy mixtape and I love it. I keep mentioning how my JBL headphones come to life when the bass is punchy and we get a lot of that here. Noteworthy producers include Juicy J and LilJuMadeThatBeat. Speaking of Juicy J, I never knew he was a producer. He’s also featured in one of the songs (Simon Says).

The only other feature is DaBaby who is just fine. Megan just bodied the other songs by herself and I’m glad she did. For someone who takes pride in writing all of her lyrics, this is a true indication of her writing prowess.

How about the runtime? It’s 40 minutes long, which isn’t too long and it doesn’t affect it’s great replay value. So far so good, she is ticking the right boxes. What about her lyrical themes? This is where things get interesting and quite controversial.

Lyrical Themes

It is this segment that caused me to delay my review. Fever can simply be classified into pleasure rap; sex, money and all that fancy stuff. Quite similar to the kind of rap Tyga does. There is nothing wrong with it, to be honest, but people have been questioning Megan’s boldness about some things.

She’s not afraid to tell you that it’s all about the money when a guy wants to be with her or how she wants to be ratchet on some occasions. I won’t waste my time trying to be the moral compass here because I appreciate how authentic she is about herself. She even states that she is just a rapper and not aiming for pop culture. It’s quite funny because she has been doing rounds in the pop world for some time now.

I, personally, don’t have any problem with her songs. They are quite relatable to most modern women. If male rappers like to objectify women as trophies, I don’t see why women can’t do the same. As a matter of fact, Megan does a good job at it. So, men shouldn’t be bitter at all about her music direction.


Fever is definitely a great start by Megan Thee Stallion. This is just the start of a great career and she might change the female rap industry in the coming years. Who knows? 8/10

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