Nicki Minaj – MEGATRON Single Review

Nicki Minaj MEGATRON

Summer is officially here. Well, not where I live but in the northern hemisphere. This is the time of the year artists where artists strive to make the summer jam of the year. Guess who decided to release a summer jam? Nicki Minaj with the song MEGATRON.


MEGATRON is the first post-Queen single put out by Nicki Minaj. She has indicated on her social media platforms that she was working on new music so I expect more releases from her. Accompanying the song is the music video which is steamy but not Anaconda-steamy.

Btw, I was reading through the video comments. Her fans are accusing YouTube of freezing her views. There is some truth to this because the view count has been stuck at 453k at the time when I was writing this. It hasn’t even moved after checking the video again 30 minutes later.


Andrew “Pop” Wansel and NOVA WAV handle the production of the song and it samples Filthier Riddim. You might recognize the beats from Mr. Vegas’ hit song Heads High. The sampled beats give it a Dancehall vibe that will definitely get a lot of attention in summer parties. That is, if the song actually becomes a hit.

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Now, I usually have a problem with Nicki Minaj’s references. Remember how she kept calling herself Chun Li? Well, that character isn’t a bad guy in the video game but Nicki thinks otherwise. At least she gets her references right in this song. Megatron really is a bad character. See, taking time to google some things doesn’t hurt one bit. Plus, this isn’t her first time referencing Transformers’ characters. She seems to like Michael Bay movies.

Is the song good? Uhm, kinda? I honestly don’t know. Yes, she raps quite well with her clever references but I just don’t like the overall package. The video is also top quality but it doesn’t change my opinion about it. It’s just okay. This was the same thing I felt about Queen, just an okay album.


MEGATRON is an okay summer jam from Nicki Minaj. I can’t say that I was expecting better but it doesn’t feel like that’s the best she can do. 6.5/10

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