Lil Nas X – 7 EP Review: It’s not good

lil nas x 7

There is no denying that Old Town Road is the biggest song of 2019. You just can’t hate on it. It has charted on the billboard for 11 weeks now and might continue doing so for another 10 more weeks. However, when an upcoming artist like Lil Nas X gets a mega hit, it is usually difficult to follow up with that same kind of success with other songs. Well, Lil Nas X just released 7, his brand new EP which gives us a chance to see what he can do.


7 is an eight-track extended play by Lil Nas X released by Columbia Records. Its genre is actually considered to be Country music. Well, it is but not quite. Let me just put it this way; if Rap and Country were two big towns, Lil Nas X would be the guy who sets up a gas station on the road that connects the two towns.


My emphasis will be on the new tracks other than Old Town Road (original and remix). What you get from the remaining six tracks is a blend of rap and country. There is also a rock song that feels out of place in this EP. He even made fun of the song citing it as a Disney track. That is very true.

Anyway, the songs are just fine. I’m just not sure is this is the direction Lil Nas X wants to take for the rest of his career. The cowboy gimmick was fine in that one song but I didn’t expect it to progress into other songs. Of course, this is a problem.

To make my point clear, I’ll have to reference how blogs work. Bloggers, like me, are usually advised to stick to one topic of discussion. Music is my main focus so I can’t be bringing up relationship issues here. Otherwise, I’ll sound like I don’t know what I’m doing. The same is true here, Lil Nas X is a rapper by default but his genre is country yet you get some rap songs. It’s a little confusing, to be honest.

Lyrical Themes

Well, there is nothing much to it lyrically. Panini, for starters, is your typical rap song which you’ve had a million and one times. F9mily is about fixing a family (?). I honestly didn’t know what this song was about. See why I said this song feels out of place.

Lil Nas X tells us about his experience with people after he blew up in the charts in the song Kick It. It’s a decent song. Rodeo seems like it will be the next song to top the charts in the next couple of months. I mean, it has the Old Town Road vibes and Cardi B is there. Speaking of Cardi, why does she like telling us that she’ll enact revenge on a guy who’ll play with her feelings? I mean, Offset is still breathing, right?

To be honest, it feels like the songs in 7 lack coherence. I have listened to it four times now and I can’t seem to like it. The overall package is underwhelming.


Sometimes putting up a gas station along the highway can be a good idea but it becomes a problem if there are no vehicles that use that road. 7 is an attempt by Lil Nas X to bridge two genres together but it doesn’t work out as well as it did with Old Town Road. 6/10

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